Summer Schedule Update

Season 6 will begin in a few weeks from now. In order to fill the void after Relikte (episode 28), I’m planning to produce two release specials. The first one is for the Arovane & Hior Chronik album In Between and will be called gezeiten (named after the German word for Tides which happens to be one of Arovane’s first tracks). Release date is next Friday. leuchtfeuer (which translates to beacon or flare) follows shortly after, because 36 will have also have his new album Void Dance out by next Tuesday. The likes of Hauschka, Banabila and Ryuichi Sakamoto have heavily inspired me with their jazz piano approach to classical music to try and make the planetjazzium mix showcasing that kind of music. It’s not for everyone, but I definitely think this will broaden Planetarium’s spectrum for good. It will be uploaded on August 12 which is directly after my vacation in Slovenia. As announced recently, I joined forces with FRISKY Radio for a monthly ambient music show. The result will be available on Mixcloud as Valles Marineris on August 19. Remember to tune in to the FRISKY Chill radio station on July 26 (3pm CEST) for the world premiere of Neptunian.

The 6th Idolatry broadcast was happening just yesterday, so you might be interested in the scheduling of the forthcoming four episodes. One of the recent two The Clearing, a breakbeat, progressive and trance oriented mix featuring the ‘Messier 106’ rework of my Guy J / David Clement mashup of ‘Dizzy Moments’ and ‘Follow Me Home’ from the 2014 yearmix, will be uploaded next Wednesday. The second part entitled Endless Lines is the second edition of the Permanent Vacation label showcase and arrives August 7. A week later (August 13 @ 8pm EST, August 14 @ 2am CEST), wave two will premiere on Proton Radio. Volume 13 Melodrummer will focus on melodic techno similar to the Ryan Davis artist showcase mixes released this spring via Helioscope, but with more diverse artists. The Mixcloud upload will be ready on August 30. Two weeks later from that, the Anjunadeep-esque mix called Shine Thru (Volume 14) will be available.

Since Turbobache should get the primary attention right now, Nutrients and Wildfire are currently on summer break and will continue bi-monthly starting in August. However, there will be several special mixes coming up on Distant. Krossed Lines, an artist showcase of the Austrian D&B duo Camo & Krooked who I just witnessed live in halle_02 @ Hospitality Heidelberg, will be up tomorrow. Later this month, Estratocluster showcasing deeper shades of dubstep with modern classical influences and futuristic breakbeats will be the follow-up to Rocket Science from last year. In mid-August, you will see the second volume of the PAYDAY & Heat tribute mix Heads Above called Wipe Out. Closing the summer schedule will not be the Nero tribute mix (this has been rescheduled to October), but a very vague concept of a True Detective OST tribute I recently had the idea of. Named after the final episode of the first season Form and Void, this quite modern approach to country music will see the light of day end of September.

Helioscope Exclusives are going to be the topic of the next news post in two weeks. Who knows what hides behind that name…

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