Summer 2016 schedule available now

I am very excited to bring back the first format in almost five years of Helioscope history as a side project to the Proton Radio Idolatry sessions. Helioscope Radio is officially back to the Helioscope roster! However, it will only be returning every 6 weeks with the sole purpose of processing the abundance of tracks from the progressive scene worth to be played out. Idolatry is a monthly show and I simply cannot put every new tune into two hours. This means, Meadow, episode 101, is available today!

In other news, the summer of Helioscope looks very exciting on all four channels.

On the main channel, we start off the season with the first edition of a new two-artist showcase series featuring Hungarian ex-Arrival manager Aeron Aether and Polish atmo-prog talent Monojoke called Spherica. To finish off June, there’s the long-awaited follow-up to the Henry Saiz tribute Wolfs Stray entitled Share No Secrets.

Then in July, we’ve got the 7th episode of Permanent Vacation label showcase Infinite Minds called Promising Signs followed by Future Noir Vol. 2 aka Artificial Skin, Oksilleri featuring Robag Wruhme, Reversed Polarity opening up the Sobota vs. Fisher showcase series and the newly established Worlds Between Us Deep Edition Fine Grain.

Planetarium has the annual Summer compilation prepared with laid-back post-rock goodness.

Distant returns with the fifth episode of the quite popular glitch, IDM and breaks mixtape series Rocket Science named Everlasting Jewels.

Finally, Turbobache has a third Outrun-themed mix Nocturnal Paradise for you in store – next to a Bache Remixed volume and the very weird nature sounds and quotes by wildlife film-maker Andreas Kieling meets synth-pop and ambient mix Naturkunde für Anfänger 1.

August is a huge month for Planetarium: Both flagships Neptunian and Planetarium will reach important milestones. The syndication with FRISKY Radio will be one year old which means the first anniversary of Neptunian. The latter is celebrating its 50th stand-alone episode. Expect some guest mixes which is a first for the ambient and neo-classical music channel! There will be a two-weeks break after those celebratory shows.

The main channel presents a second edition of the well-received Kompakt Label Showcase Elbchaussee called Donaunebel. Furthermore, Kobana gets another highlight in Conundrum and the ESM label for melodic prog house makes a second entrance with At Safe Havens. It is also the month of Silvan Soul, since the autumn season will be just around the corner then.

The ninth month includes the biggest occasion in Helioscope history. Back in 2011, I created the Mixcloud account on September 3rd. This means, Helioscope will be five years old at that time. Incredible… Similar to the Planetarium celebration, but bigger, there will be a bunch of guests joining me. More info to be revealed in July or August.

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