I’m thrilled to announce my first webradio residency starting this month, February 2015. I’ve had eager plans, but never expected Jason and Sam from Proton Radio reaching out to me, asking me to bring the Helioscope over to their station.

Idolatry is the name of the monthly 2-hour show and it will be aired on every 2nd Thursday of each month.

In order to make the livestream more attractive, I decided to release the two 1-hour mixes separately and with 1-3 weeks delay. That means, each first and third Wednesday sees a new Idolatry mix being published to the Helioscope main channel via Mixcloud.
I’m generally a fan to make aware out my show by mentioning the tracklist and first and foremost the artists featured in these mixes on Twitter, but as much as other artists’ live tracklistings annoy me, I won’t do it, either. You can find the tracklists of the brand new mixes on this website ( as well as on Proton Radio’s show information pages.

Official show description:
German tastemaker Nils Feldhus, whose Helioscope music hub is regarded as a universe for well-mixed sets from nearly every niche genre of electronic music, makes his next big step with this monthly 2-hour show. Contrary to most broadcasts, all episodes are unique crafts and are dedicated to all those ears out there searching for two hours of ambient soundscapes, forward-thinking techno and playful melodies.

Additional info:
Clearly, Helioscope Radio will be praised and continued by Idolatry in a certain way (much more when HR finishes with episode #100 in November this year), but this monthly format will differ from my other series mostly in influences like Alexey Golovanov’s ALLEYS / The Alleys shows, Henry Saiz’s former The Labyrinth and my own creations The Simple Life and Leap of Faith for The Rainforest from last year. It showcases the balearic side of Helioscope and definitely focusses a lot on well-crafted transitions, soothing vocals and flashbacks to all-time classics.

New episodes every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.
World premiere on Proton Radio every 2nd Thursday night.


IdolatryIdolatry Vol 2 - Shortcut to Eden (hubert61)Idolatry Vol 3 - Boundless Faith (lentescura)
Idolatry Vol 4 - Memorials (burningmonk)Idolatry Vol 5 - Celestial Beings (martasyrko)Idolatry Vol 6 - Temporal Things (kariliimatainen)
Idolatry Vol 7 - Divine Apparition (sirius-sdz)Idolatry Vol 8 - Lost Odyssey (scotto)Idolatry Vol 8 - Wrong Belief (night_fate)
The Deep Blue (mollyrulz9999)The Clearing (0missmoriarty0)Endless Lines (serdar_t)
Melodrummer (alierturk)Shine Thru (serdar_t)Brimborium (mynam3isunimportant)
Semavatevi (propertyofpreston)Heldensagen (burningmonk)Memories Of Sunahama (evelivesey)
The BacchanalVisions of a Brighter Future (cavecanem42)


Fragile State (cavecanem42)Seek the Void (andrewshoemaker)Before the Flood (trichardsen)
Atonement (cavecanem42)Palingenesis (piscisvolantis)



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