Bringing in the freshly pressed wake-up tunes is Nutrients, a monthly format which started in July 2014 on the Helioscope main channel, temporarily resided on Distant and now has its own eponymous channel on Mixcloud. In 2017, multiple novel formats brought a gust of inspiration in there.

Inspirations for track selection (with the most influential one on top):
The Line Of Best Fit – Alternative music blog from London, UK
Majestic Casual – YouTube channel for new electronic music from Stuttgart, Germany
Abduction Radiation – Indie/Underground music blog from Los Angeles, USA
SirChillicious – YouTube channel for laid-back electronic music from Berlin, Germany
SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Beatport – I follow a handful of indie bands, labels and electronic music artists here and there

Previous inspirations:
iTunes (Featured New Releases & Pre-Orders mostly in genres Alternative, Dance, Electronic, Pop)
FM4 – Austrian alt-rock and electronic music terrestrial radio station
Human Drizzle – Indie dance, house and alternative music blog from London, UK
Indietronica – Indie, electronic, rock and pop music blog from the UK
MrSuicideSheep – Arcade-styled EDM and chillout YouTube channel
One For The People – Indie music blog from the UK

Helioscope (July 2014 – Oct 2014)
Nutrients Podcast - 07-14Nutrients Podcast - 08-14 (tpaulanny - shoes_killah - Hypnotize69)Nutrients Podcast - 09-14 (lamarckxxx)
Nutrients Podcast - 10-14 (tiroko - lethe007 - shinywish)

Distant (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015)
Nutrients Podcast - 01-05 (Heleneee - hamti)Nutrients Podcast - 02-15 (PetitPlat)Nutrients (March '15) (uomo_nella_pioggia)
Nutrients - 08 (jeanbeanxoxo)Nutrients - 09 (jonnatheresia)Nutrients - 10 (oneofacard)
Nutrients - 11 (bphotographyx)Nutrients - 12 (miriamviola)Nutrients - 13 (ebojarski)
Nutrients - 14 (slateblue)Nutrients - 15 (mittelfranke)

Helioscope (Jan 2016 – Sep 2016)
Nutrients - 16 (francescadelfino)Nutrients - 17 (serdar_t)Nutrients - 18 (violently_chaotic)
Nutrients - 19 (scottnorrisart)Nutrients - 20 (vinaapsara)Nutrients - 21 (dehappy5_mama)
Nutrients - 22 (laurapetrillo24)[pinterest]Nutrients - August '16 (ilmari_nen)

Nutrients (Sep 2016 – )

Other formats

Ellison Groove

Flying Lotus tribute, glitch, trip-hop, experimental instrumental hip-hop

Pocket Safari

IDM, deep house, tribal-influenced electronica, minimal pop

Words of…

Folk, singer-songwriter, world pop, chillout

Break Apart

Easy listening, cinematic chillout, melodic ambient, “Neptunian on steroids”

Forever Travelling

Post-Rock, ambient, alternative

Selamat Pagi

Trip-hop, electronic, sample-heavy instrumental pop

(Debuts in Spring 2018)

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