Proton Radio and Frisky Radio resident Nils Feldhus from Lower Saxony, Germany, founded his Helioscope music promotion brand in 2011 on the basis of private trance and progressive sets for workout, long travels and home-listening. Having relied on the output of Silk and Proton back then, it now introduces its ever growing audience to a much larger spectrum of ambient-influenced beats. This ranges from synth-pop from the 80s and balearic nu-disco vibes on the newest channel called Turbobache over liquid drum & bass and club-oriented sets on Distant and the deep and progressive beats promoted by the main channel to the nocturnal ambient and modern classical music playlists on the most popular subsidiary Planetarium.

More info about myself
Born in 1994 and currently enrolled in the Cognitive Systems (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing) masters program at University of Potsdam, got a BA degree in computational linguistics at Heidelberg University. Movie lover and interested in nature photography and astronomy.

Biggest influences
Nils Frahm
Henry Saiz
James Grant
Jacob Henry
Dusky / Solarity
Ryan Davis
16 Bit Lolitas / Cubicolor