Maritime Adventures

Maritime Adventures is one of the pillars of the Proton Radio show Idolatry. Multiple mixes from the early days had the signature sound of the Mango Alley imprint as its central idea. With nine volumes in total, this label showcase continues to impress with its variations of defining the chillout genre.

Idolatry Vol 6 - Temporal Things (kariliimatainen)Idolatry Vol 8 - Lost Odyssey (scotto)The Deep Blue (mollyrulz9999)
Maritime Adventures (alierturk)A New Panorama (heavenriver)Memories Of Sunahama (evelivesey)
Ebb and Flow (dandelion_field)

Maritime Adventures track pool has been split up in May 2018 into Tiefenrausch (WBUD) and Zoneout.

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