Distant is the EDM exploration channel created as the third one of the Helioscope universe in January 2014.

The eponymous show covers liquid drum & bass which at the same time is the main genre supported by this station. Other regular shows are:

Ellison Groove, a Flying Lotus artist showcase series,
Rocket Science, an IDM, dark dubstep and glitch spanning mix series,
Wildfire, the club-proof edition of the Distant podcast with neurofunk and jump-up tendencies
and Solute, another big-room approach, but with techno and tech house.

Artist showcases

Sepultura (Burial) (23.01.2014)
The Green Menace (Feed Me / Spor) (29.05.2015)
Krossed Lines (Camo & Krooked) (12.07.2015)
Tale of a Lonely Metaphysician (Bop) (19.12.2015)
Wider Angles (Hybrid) (02.04.2016)
Illumia (Eric Prydz) [continuing Mjusycka/Syntagma] (15.10.2016)
That Plug You Pulled (London Elektricity) (26.11.2016)
Sakura Soundsystem (Naibu) (17.12.2016)
The Armadillo (Arty & Mat Zo) (28.01.2017)

Label showcases

United in Space (Liquicity) (13.06.2015)
refr1ended (mau5trap) (25.06.2016)


Distant Yearmix 2010 (22.11.2014)
Distant Yearmix 2014, Pt. 1 + Pt. 2 (19.01.2015, 30.01.2015)
Distant Yearmix 2015 (27.12.2015)
Distant Yearmix 2016 (14.01.2017)

Other Mixes

Space Creators (13.08.2014)
The Rainforest #16: Part 2 (xx.11.2014)
Conceptor Vol. 1: Lunat City (27.02.2015)

Planned Projects

Plains: Continuing the Conceptor series
Reimagined: Composing a soundtrack for an already existing film
Royal Clatter: Nutrients club mixes, continuous and covering garage/breakbeats
Classic Yearmixes: Going further back in time

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