I started my main channel back in 2011 and with that my own first, but unofficial, show Helioscope Radio. Later, I renamed it to Helioscope, because I liked that as a moniker. Time has passed and there are plenty of exciting formats on this channel:

Golden Age
Helioscope Radio
Idolatry (Proton Radio broadcast)
Infinite Minds
Jade Bay (prev. Going South)
Maritime Adventures
Open Firmament (prev. Rocket Science on Distant)
Silvan Soul (prev. New Soul)
Worlds Between Us (+ Deep Editions)

…and plenty of artist and label showcases.

Moved to other channel:
Soul Machinery (last episode: 2013) – became Distant
Serenades / Night Hawk Radio (last episode: Jan 2014) – became Planetarium
LEIMLAB (last episode: Feb 2015) – now on Planetarium
Nutrients (last episode: Sep 2016) – became its own channel

Discontinued / On hiatus:
Annual Label Showcase (last episode: Feb 2016)
Sol-Archives / Helioscope Sun Set (last episode: Nov 2015)