cassiopeia (mit Max Richter et al.)

cassiopeia (mit Max Richter et al.)
01 Max Richter & Ben Russel – Constellation 1 [Deutsche Grammophon]
02 Max Richter & Ben Russel – Constellation 2 [Deutsche Grammophon]
03 Max Richter, Ben Russel, Yuki Numata, Caleb Burhans, Clarice Jensen & Brian Snow – Space 2 (slow waves) [Deutsche Grammophon]
04 Max Richter, Ben Russel, Yuki Numata, Caleb Burhans, Clarice Jensen & Brian Snow – Chorale / glow [Deutsche Grammophon]

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Helioscope Discoveries Issue No. 6

Clemens Ruh (Leipzig, Germany)
Effulgence : Prayash Thapa (Boulder, USA)
introspecter (Norwood / Raleigh, USA)
mosaik : Jakob Svanholm (Stockholm, Sweden)
Satchmode (Los Angeles, USA)
Kamron Schrader (McKinney, USA)
Entis : Ian Hinson (Tampa, USA)
Orsa : Adithya Yadalam (USA)
Ninth Parallel (Johns Creek, USA)
Several Definitions (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Warrax (Sherbrooke, Canada)
Daun Giventi (San Francisco, USA)
Koelle : Chris Koelle (Ingolstadt, Germany)
Keith Harris (Cork, Ireland)
Ametrine : Jon Nesmith (USA)
Jesus Drone (Berlin, Germany)

Idolatry Vol. 15 : Brimborium

Idolatry Vol. 15 : Brimborium
01 Kitkaliitto – Reverend Slim [Origami Sound]
02 Aufgang – Dulceria [InFiné]
03 Terranova – Labrador [Kompakt]
04 Solomun – Nada [Diynamic]
05 Guti – El Solitario (Carl Craig Remix) [Defected]
06 Maribou State & Pedestrian – The Clown (Tom Demac Remix) [Counter]
07 Sonic Future & Leo Janeiro – Stabs [Suara]
08 Hanne & Lore – Karma Supra (Tube & Berger Remix) [Kittball]
09 Benoit & Sergio – You Might Say [Culprit]
10 Hot Chip – Need You Now (Moonlight Matters Remix) [Domino]
11 Jazzanova feat. Paul Randolph – Now There Is We (Barck & ComixXx Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
12 Mickey – You Know The Beat [Exploited]
13 Claptone feat. Peter, Bjorn and John – Puppet Theatre [Exploited]

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Done Them All

Done Them All (Ellison Groove Vol. 6)
01 KYX Orchestra – Out Of This World [Hospital]
02 Machinedrum – Dont 1 2 Lose U (Moresounds Remix) [Ninja Tune]
03 Thundercat – Where The Giants Roam / Field Of The Nephilim [Brainfeeder]
04 Bilal – Levels (Flying Lotus Re-Edit) [Plug Research]
05 What So Not feat. George Maple – Gemini [Sweat It Out]
06 Seven Davis Jr – Try Me (I’ll Funk You) (Mono/Poly Remix) [Ninja Tune]
07 Oddisee – That’s Love [Mello]
08 Nick Hook feat. Egyptian Lover – J.A.M.I.T. (Neana Remix) [Ninja Tune]
09 Hudson Mohawke – Portrait Of Luci [Warp]
10 Margie Joseph – I Love You Too Much To Say Goodbye [Atlantic]
11 Romare – Jimmy’s Lament [Ninja Tune]
12 Glenn Astro – Love Is Gone [WotNot]
13 Snoop Dogg – I Knew That [Doggystyle]
14 Flying Lotus – The Nightcaller [Warp]
15 Ice Cube feat. George Clinton – Bop Gun (One Nation) [Priority]
16 Hudson Mohawke – Kettles [Warp]
17 Stray – Paradise (dBridge’s Glitch Slap Edit) [Exit]
18 SpectraSoul feat. Harleighblu – Real Good [Shogun]
19 Rustie – Big Catzz [Warp]
20 Scuba – Twitch (Jamie Vex’d Remix) [Hotflush]
21 Hudson Mohawke feat. Jhené Aiko – Resistance [Warp]
22 Jamie xx – Gosh [Young Turks]
23 Perri – Fall In Love [MCA]
24 StéLouse – Stroll [Kitsuné]
25 DJ Koze – I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List [!K7]
26 Strong Arm Steady feat. Phonte – Best Of Times [Stones Throw]
27 Rone – Ouija [InFiné]
28 Saul Williams – Horn Of The Clock-Bike
29 Flying Lotus – Brainfeeder [Warp]
30 Shapeshifter vs. The Upbeats – Little By Little (Keys Remix)

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libelle (mit Helios et al.)

libelle (mit Helios et al.)
01 Helios – Every Passing Hour [Unseen]
02 Boards Of Canada – Over The Horizon Radar (Helios Cover)
03 Jacob David – July 10th [Moderna]
04 Sleepingdog – He Loved To See The World Through His Camera [Gizeh]
05 Wil Bolton – Cold Light
06 Helios – Skies Minus [Unseen]
07 Slow Meadow – Every Mournful Breath [Hammock]
08 Helios – Glimpse [Unseen]
09 Helios – The Root [Unseen]
10 Mosaik feat. Hunz – Icarus [Mango Alley]
11 Helios – Soft Collared Neck [Unseen]
12 Helios – It Was Warmer Then [Unseen]
13 Qualia – The Moon Is Rising
14 Lake Mary – The Sudden Bruise Of A Rainstorm [eilean]
15 Keith Kenniff – Aerial [Circle Into Square]
16 Helios – Sonora Lac [Unseen]

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Nostalgic Hours with Sol-Archives

Helioscope Sun Set and Helioscope Radio celebration episodes have been delivering classic mixes every now and then, but now that the main show will be finished by November, it’s time to give more attention to the past of Helioscope and the decades before.

Starting next Tuesday, Sol-Archives will be the new addition to the Helioscope show roster. It will roughly occur every second month, but it has no fixed schedule.

Chapter 1 will be featuring a usual Helioscope classic mix, delving deep into each genre, from house over techno, trance and progressive to breakbeats. It’s called Prologue and will be about 2 hours long. Release is, as mentioned above, on September 29.

Chapter 2 is the long-lost and very first edition of Going South (now Jade Bay), previously known for balearic prog trance. It was a mixed CD back then which I did solely for private workout. Still, it had an amazing track selection which I don’t want to spoil now. You got to wait until November 29. Until then, it will be re-made which is, by the way, my plan for some other mixes of Helioscope.

Chapter 3 is something entirely different. Pocket Safari is the moniker for these very special World vibes one may call so. ‘Sonido del Valle’ (Quantic AS), ‘Out Of The Wild’ (Bonobo AS) and ‘Across The Pacific’ (Tycho AS) were already added to the playlist (now available on Helioscope’s Mixcloud). African vibes have always influenced the electronic scene, be it percussions, chants or native instruments. This will be quite a journey on January 31, 2016.

solarchives-design-01-(danthemainman777)solarchives-design-02-(serdar_t)Pocket Safari (isacg)

Maybe you’ve noticed some brand new playlists added to Mixcloud: Maritime Adventures is one of them. The Mango Alley sounds have spawned so many beautiful mixes, especially for Idolatry. It definitely deserves its own format. There are a lot of new ideas for next year, but Neptunian has a special on both ‘Yume’, the Helios album (which was also featured on Planetarium as a release special), and the 2CD chillout compilation ‘To Technicolour City / From Coastal Daze’ to be broadcast this Sunday (September 27) via FRISKY Chill. This third Neptunian show called ‘Nerei et Dorides’ will then be uploaded to the Planetarium Mixcloud channel on October 14.

Another one is Hort. Ryan Davis who appeared on the brand new Anjunadeep:07 compilation with a true beauty entitled ‘Brun’ is the best inspiration for these series. Clearly, the three already released artist showcases on him belong to this playlist. However, Hort (short for Helioscope on Romantic Techno) will be a brand new format starting in Spring 2016.

Golden Age marks the third column of new shows: It’s the new Anjunadeep sound Dusky is the most prominent representant of. Shine Thru, the 14th Idolatry volume, has promoted this sound for the first time. There are no big plans except for one mixtape in early 2016 named Golden Age. I’m currently thinking about following this trail to more exciting stuff, but keep in mind there are plenty of other genres for me to consider.

The Permanent Vacation label showcase Infinite Minds has also been a regular format lately. Why not make it into a unique format? It won’t have its fixed schedule, but there will be, for instance, a fifth edition ‘Different Kinds’ (originally planned as a 1h mix for Idolatry, but then extended to 2h for Helioscope exclusive release) on October 20.

Helioscope Radio 096

Helioscope Radio 096
01 Eagles & Butterflies feat. J.U.D.G.E. – Love (Hayze Remix) [Noir]
02 16 Bit Lolitas feat. Lucy Iris – Stardust [Anjunadeep]
03 Andre Lodemann – Between The Notes [Innervisions]
04 Several Definitions – Us [Stil vor Talent]
05 Adana Twins – Heroe [Exploited]
06 Sudhaus – Vesta [Arrival]
07 Sailor & I – Leave The Light On (Joris Voorn Remix) [The Invention Of Loneliness]
08 Cyril Hahn feat. Joel Ford – Last [Virgin EMI]
09 Bastian Bux – Teardrop [Suara]
10 Soulwerk – Spiritcatcher (Stas Drive Remix) [Proton]
11 Namatjira – Quarpendue [Temporum]
12 Yotto – Slowly [Anjunadeep]
13 DEMS – Made For Myself (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) [Anjunadeep]
14 HRRSN – You Would Not Believe [Stil vor Talent]
15 Ashworth – Ventricle [Needwant]
16 Noraj Cue – Forever Brothers [Manual]
17 16 Bit Lolitas – Love Left [Anjunadeep]
18 Ewan Rill & Casper – You Are Beautiful [Balkan Connection]
19 Horixon feat. Else Born – Colours [Eskimo]
20 CoMa – Lora (Robag’s Fandara Qualv NB) [Kompakt]
21 Biologik – Metaphysical (Orsen Remix) [Particles]
22 Bob Moses – Like It Or Not [Domino]

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