It marks the discovery of dub techno for Helioscope, a genre previously unknown to me. Amalgamating ambient and drone with deep house and techno, LEIMLAB presents the probably most accessible side of this niche-genre to heliophiles. These unique creations launch you straight into the vast, dark realms.


LEIMLAB - Hallo Welt (madewithisometric)LEIMLAB - Nostromo (madewithisometric)LEIMLAB - Alter Ego (madewithisometric)


LEIMLAB - Enceladus (madewithisometric)LEIMLAB - TBA (madewithisometric)Gefion (madewithisometric)



tumblr_nnj3o34MgX1skpstho1_1280tumblr_nnbu7cK4xF1sxg2xko1_1280Deucalion (LL11) (madewithisometric)

Borasisi (LL12) (madewithisometric)Varda (madewithisometric)[com]

Charon (madewithisometric)[com]



The LEIMLAB series has been discontinued since July 2018 due to a lack of noteworthy dub techno releases. However, you will still hear this stuff in the regular Planetarium editions.

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