Beryll, Pt. 1

Planetarium had its 9-year anniversary this week. I took some deep dives into 2021 releases again (almost finished finally!) and discovered some real gems for a new Geophon trilogy. The meditative album by Jon Hopkins stood out to me in particular. I took almost every track from it and combined it with a potpourri of autumnal ambient. The three parts of “Beryll” will be released over the course of the winter.

Geophon 18, Part 1
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p372
Limited Select release on November 6, 2022
Wide release on January 21, 2023
Releases covered up to November 30, 2021
Image by USGS

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label
00:00 01 Color of Time Brand New Sky Color of Time 2021 Past Inside the Present
03:46 02 Kit Monteith & Al Sundvall Garden of Glass Garden of Glass 2021 Cities and Memory
11:39 03 Jon Hopkins Love Flows Over Us in Prismatic Waves Music for Psychedelic Therapy 2021 Domino
16:30 04 Jon Hopkins Deep in the Glowing Heart Music for Psychedelic Therapy 2021 Domino
23:39 05 As Seas Exhale New Dawn New Rites 2021 As Seas Exhale
34:04 06 City of Dawn Absquatulate Tacenda 2021 Aural Canyon
38:04 07 pagination month in the life indicia, vol. II 2021 Privacy
43:19 08 Color of Time Cold Air Color of Time 2021 Past Inside the Present
46:04 09 Tapes and Topographies semantics Amplitudes 2021 Whitelab
52:16 10 Tapes and Topographies everyone is far away Amplitudes 2021 Whitelab
57:37 11 Drifts In Autumn Feel the Space (Wil Bolton Remix) Feel the Space 2021 Distant Noise
1:05:23 12 Jon Hopkins feat. 7RAYS Ascending, Dawn Sky Music for Psychedelic Therapy 2021 Domino
1:13:59 13 Jon Hopkins feat. 7RAYS Arriving Music for Psychedelic Therapy 2021 Domino
1:16:34 14 The Green Kingdom Lullaby Lantern Imaginary Habitats 2021 Hand drawn hand
1:20:41 15 The Broken Cradle The City Gates Gilead 2021 The Broken Cradle
1:25:51 16 Alex Smalley Optimal Care Vanaprastha (The Man Who Went Into the Woods to Find Himself) 2021 Past Inside the Present
1:32:07 17 Andrew Heath Nothing Forever Glimmer 2021 Disco Gecko
1:40:25 18 Gray Acres Spectral Dreams and Phantoms 2021 Archives

Seele des Waldes

After taking strolls through colorful, autumnal woods in Berlin, I decided to make this episode of Helioscope Radio a follow-up of the Silvan Soul series I kept going until 2017. Five years have passed and again I compiled some atmospheric and melancholic techno to set the mood for the darker season of the year.

Mixcloud unfortunately decided to restrict the amount of mixes you can have on one channel as a non-paying user. Since I’m already subscribed to the Pro service with my Planetarium account, but it’s too costly to do it for the Helioscope channel as well, I sadly have to abandon this dual setup. Read more here!

Seele des Waldes (Helioscope Radio 160)
Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p371
Limited Select release on November 5, 2022
Proton Radio broadcast on November 10, 2022
Wide release on January 7, 2023
Releases covered up to May 1, 2022
Image by : Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Start # Artist Title Album Year Label
00:00 01 John Hayes & Maxy Dutcher Spell (Julia Gjertsen Rework) Borealis (Reworked) 2021 Moderna
05:38 02 Chris Malinchak Saving My Love Saving My Love 2022 Ultra
09:42 03 CokeJazz songs we loved (MOLØ Remix) Vivrant x CRAFT AND JUN – Remixed 2022 Vivrant
16:25 04 Moojo Healing Healing EP 2022 MoBlack
22:01 05 Ric Niels & Mango Trip to South (djimboh Remix) Trip to South 2022 Mango Alley
26:19 06 TWO LANES x Panama Rolling Back (Monkey Safari Remix) Rolling Back (Remixes) 2021 bitbird
30:43 07 Bonobo Closer Fragments 2022 Ninja Tune
35:21 08 Kasper Koman Fruit The Observer 2022 Lost Miracle
40:40 09 Sebastian Fleischer Driving Arps Tour de Traum XXII 2021 Traum
47:26 10 Bonobo Sapien Fragments 2022 Ninja Tune
50:13 11 Andrea Cassino Lamarr (Enigmatic Remix) Lamarr 2022 Soundteller
54:12 12 D-Sens Vibrante Lumiere Vibrante Lumiere EP 2022 Sprout
1:01:57 13 Steven Weston feat. Låpsley Like I Used To Alter the Flow EP 2022 Anjunadeep
1:06:48 14 Daniel Helmstedt Clouds (Club Mix) Underwater / Clouds 2022 Blue Magenta
1:13:12 15 Traumhouse A Hopeful Place A Winter Sampler IV 2022 All Day I Dream
1:18:27 16 Krasa Rosa Kukushka Solnce 2022 Melody Of the Soul
1:24:48 17 Theo Meier Piper Piper 2022 Poesie
1:29:30 18 swimrabbit feat. DAHEE shy creatures (Jeremy Olander Remix) Vivrant x CRAFT AND JUN – Remixed 2022 Vivrant
1:34:03 19 Aethon Felt Felt 2022 Tiefblau
1:40:19 20 Tor Lens Oasis Sky 2021 Youth and Progress

02 : Additional credits: Damon C. Scott.
13 : Writing by Anja Louise Gmue and James Conway Ellis.