Maritime Adventures

Maritime Adventures (Mango Alley Label Showcase, Pt. 4)
01 WhoMadeWho – Subliminal [Get Physical]
02 Dan Sieg – Today You, Tomorrow Me (7AM Mix) [Mango Alley]
03 We Are All Astronauts – Cerulean Sky (Sunset Mix) [Mango Alley]
04 Justin Oh – All I Say (Soarsweep ‘Intelligent’ Dub) [Silk Digital]
05 Gregory Esayan – Pilgrimage [Arrival]
06 Mango & Richard J Aarden – Pillow Fights (Dub Mix) [Mango Alley]
07 Mizar B – Moonstone [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
08 Mango & Embliss – Heiligenstadt [Silk Royal]
09 Arthur Deep – Friends (Mango Remix) [Silk Digital]
10 ZANIO feat. Junko Iwao – Alive [Portrait Digital]
11 Mango – Forever July (Shiftone Remix) [Proton]
12 Shiftone – Freedom [Proton]
13 Sean Mackey – Mountain Republic (Lonya Remix) [Mango Alley]
14 Mango & Kazusa – Asphalt Lines (Royal Sapien Remix) [Proton]
15 Mango – Kites [Proton]
16 Mango – Kayra (Solarity Remix) [Morphosis]
17 Kamron Schrader – Far Away [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
18 Aeron Aether & Mango feat. Civil Servants – Searching For A Memory (PROFF & Feu D’or Instrumental Mix) [Silk Royal]
19 Shoreliners – Sandcastles (Sunstroke Remix) [Mango Alley]
20 Dinka – Zero Altitude [Anjunadeep]
21 Aparde – Cover [Stil vor Talent]
22 Richard J Aarden – Meet In The Blue [Silk Sofa]

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Only The Dead

Only The DeadTribute To Hotline Miami Vol. 5
01 Man Power – Promising [Correspondant]
02 The Host – Summer Solstice At Cape Canaveral [Planet Mu]
03 Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé – Tricycle Express [Ed Banger]
04 OGRE – Droid Rage
05 Tyrane – King Of The Invisible Land (Henry Saiz Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
06 Pronoia – Janine [Groove Attack]
07 Jonjo Jury – ArtBucket (Xinobi Remix) [Discotexas]
08 Marcus Schössow – 1985 [Anjunadeep]
09 Lazerhawk – Pedal To The Metal [Rosso Corsa]
10 James Curd feat. Devin Byrnes – Open Up Your Mind (Instrumental) [Permanent Vacation]
11 Carpenter Brut – Disco Zombi Italia [No Quarter]
12 Rezz – Serenity [mau5trap]
13 CiniMod – The Rumble
14 Pilotpriest – Rumblefish
15 Waveshaper – Crystal Protocol [New Retro Wave]
16 Jasper Byrne – Miami
17 Starcadian – Entoptica
18 Mason – Eight Oh Eight [Animal Language]
19 Daft Punk – Encom, Pt. 2 (Com Truise Remix) [Disney]
20 Com Truise – Open [Ghostly International]
21 Pyramid – Omega [Kitsuné]
22 Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer [No Quarter]

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Full spead ahead with Turbobache

Helioscope has spawned its third sub-channel. It is called Turbobache (or Bache for short) and will take the Hotline Miami and Pier Pressure series from Distant and Helioscope to their new home. Over the course of the second half of 2015, this channel will be one of the core targets of my output, with TTHM’s fifth volume Only The Dead arriving tomorrow and the sequel to Pier Pressure called A Beauty And The Beach on July 31. Bache In Vegas is quite similar in sound, but has more funky vibes to it. That one will see the light of day on August 28.

achtundzwanzig : Relikte

achtundzwanzig : Relikte
01 William Ryan Fritch – Till Fresh Earth [Lost Tribe]
02 Veroníque Vaka – Gætni [Moderna]
03 The Monk By The Sea – Train Station
04 Halftribe – Shashlik [Dewtone]
05 Hior Chronik & Field Rotation – Oblivion [Kitchen]
06 Jacob Pavek – Joey [Unperceived]
07 Tom Day – Foreword
08 Lowercase Noises – The First Glimmer Of Wind
09 Dino Spiluttini – Ice / Age [Sacred Phrases]
10 Tom Day – Troughs
11 Nils Frahm – Them [Erased Tapes]
12 Julien Marchal – Moth [Moderna]
13 Jacob Pavek – Sons And Mothers [Unperceived]
14 Jeremy Young & Aaron Martin – Berceaux [White Paddy Mountain]
15 Veroníque Vaka – Verndari [Moderna]
16 Hior Chronik & Yasushi Yoshida – Small Wonders [Kitchen]
17 Hior Chronik & Sophie Hutchings – Nest Of Autumn [Kitchen]
18 So I’m An Islander – Stelle Stårmfloij (Quiet Storm Surge)

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Helioscope Radio 090

Helioscope Radio 090
01 Nic Bax – Break Out [Animate Dummy]
02 David Keno & Mat.Joe feat. Virginia Slimm – Save The Day [Suara]
03 Grum – Builder [Anjunabeats]
04 Kidnap Kid – Freedom [FFRR]
05 Black 8 – Once Upon A Time [Sudbeat]
06 Luka Sambe – Where’s Dennis [Temporum]
07 Robert Babicz – Bassporn (Guy Mantzur Alternative Remix) [Babiczstyle]
08 Clameres – Low Sun [Silk Textures]
09 Funk D’Void – Soul Slap [Soma]
10 Lefrenk – Oceans [MNL]
11 Pyramid – Night Lights [Kitsuné]
12 Deepfunk & Van Did – Cuatro (Louis Kolben Remix) [SIXTYSEVENSUNS]
13 Tech D – Helios (Monojoke Remix) [Balkan Connection]
14 Tom Middleton – HEVA [Anjunadeep]
15 Dan Sieg – Gloom (Jallen Remix) [Arrival]
16 WhoMadeWho – Yes [Get Physical]
17 Philthy Chit – Reflect [Perfecto Black]
18 Orsen – Witching Hour [Particles]
19 Silinder – 21:21 (Ewan Rill Remix) [Balkan Connection]
20 Marten Sundberg – Fata Morgana [Mooseekaa]
21 Eekkoo feat. Flowers and Sea Creatures – 4th Bell [Natura Sonoris]

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Nutrients (June ’15)

Nutrients (June ’15)
01 Maribou State – Home [Counter]
02 HÆLOS – The Sun Rising [Matador]
03 Fickle Friends – Paris [Killing Moon]
04 MIAMIGO – Come Of Age [Indian Hop]
05 Grasscut – Radar [Lo]
06 Flume feat. Andrew Wyatt – Some Minds [Future Classic]
07 Tame Impala – ‘Cause I’m A Man [Modular]
08 Basenji feat. Scenic – Petals [Future Classic]
09 SpectraSoul feat. Tamara – More To Give [Shogun]
10 Rivver feat. Milk & Bone – Am I OK
11 French For Rabbits – The Other Side (Stray Theories Remix)
12 XYLØ – Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea [XYLØ]
13 Jean-Michel Jarre & M83 – Glory [Music Affair]
14 HONNE – Top To Toe [Tatemae]
15 Oh Wonder – White Blood [Caroline]
16 Harrison – You’re Light (Star Slinger Remix) [Jet Jam]
17 Breakage feat. Slo – Bad Blood [DSB]
18 Werkha – Border Kite [Tru Thoughts]
19 Panama – Jungle [Future Classic]
20 Felix Laband – Righteous Red Berets [Compost]
21 Flight Facilities – Down To Earth (Sean Glass Mix) [Future Classic]
22 Woolf and the Wondershow – Cloaked [W&W]
23 Pyramid feat. Holy Oysters – Film Noir [Kitsuné]
24 KOAN Sound – Sentient
25 Jamie xx – Obvs [Young Turks]
26 Jarryd James – Do You Remember [Interscope]
27 Longlake – Smoke Signal
28 Meeke feat. Urias – Delicate [Loodma]
29 ODESZA feat. Jenni Potts – White Lies (Crush Effect Remix)

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A Journey To New Galaxies : Planetarium sets off to residency on FRISKY Radio

I’m happy to announce that Planetarium has been picked up by FRISKY Radio, more specifically the CHILL station. The brand new format is called Neptunian and is intended to deliver serene sounds similar to the eighth and tenth Idolatry sessions Lost Odyssey / The Deep Blue (available July 1) as well as acoustic, sometimes vocal-influenced chill-out tracks.

A date for the first broadcast (Valles Marineris) has now been worked out by the station’s admins, it will be July 26. Tune in to Frisky CHILL every 4th sunday @ 9am EST / 3pm CEST. Each 1-hour broadcast remains a 2-week exclusive, so Mixcloud listeners will be able to satisfy their ears on third Wednesdays of the following month (1st episode arrives August 19).

In other news, the mixtape schedule for the rest of 2015 has mostly been finished. Arriving in summer and autumn season are, for example, the label showcases of Atomnation (Tulip Folder – July 26), Kompakt (Elbchaussee – November 29) and Life and Death (The Bacchanal – December 6) as well as the sequels for Permanent Vacation (Perpetual Chimes, Ancient Times, Endless Lines – July 22, August 5, August 19) and Mango Alley (Maritime Adventures, The Deep Blue, A New Panorama – June 24, July 1, August 9).

Artist showcases are not to be missed, either. Kobana (On Repeat – August 30), Jaytech vs. Nigel Good (Discoverers of the Multiverse – October 11), Moderat (When We Collide – December 13) and Robag Wruhme (Wighnomial – December 27) join the party. There are no sequels, but exciting and new additions, as you can see.

Helioscope Sun Set isn’t much longer. I decided to get rid of overly long mixtapes, since the attention span of almost every listener is at most three hours, it seems. Instead, there’s a new, quite similar format now replacing HSS. It will be called Sol-Archives and consists of classic tracks released before the Helioscope era (pre-2010). I haven’t decided about the schedule yet. I’ll just wait and see how well it will be received. However, the first edition (Chapter 1) is scheduled to arrive on September 27.

Until the end of this year, you are also going to see the return of all three seasonals: Lush summer vibes are out there en masse. No wonder, Jade Bay Vol. 2 (July 12) is almost finished. New Soul has been quite impactful the past two years, so I would miss a great opportunity if I didn’t create one for the third year in a row. As you might know, I decided to rename it. Silvan Soul is more appropriate in my opinion, since the forest has been a key element of inspiration for track selection in the atmospheric deep house and techno genres. Volume 1 releases August 23. Following that, an unexpected return does Worlds Between Us (September 13), as the fourth edition was initially scheduled for early 2016. There are a lot of blissful, melodic progressive tunes still unused in my library. Plus, Volume 3 was a lot fun in terms of mixing and I really think I can improve on that even more. Silvan Soul will spawn a second mix on November 8. Last year, I released three parts (CDs with 80 minutes in length) over the course of one month. Much like the release of Jade Bay, spreading it across a whole season seems more reasonable.

If you are not convinced yet, there’s LEIMLAB, the ambient and dub techno mixtape series, returning to Helioscope, this time staying for much longer, but on a semi-monthly basis. Catch the first episode of season two on August 12. It will then occur on every 2nd Wednesday of every second month.

Stay tuned for another big announcement regarding Distant coming next week!