supremereign (mit Konntinent et al.)

supremereign (mit Konntinent et al.)
01 Hessien – Prometheus [The Long Story]
02 Konntinent – The Luxury Of Without [Home Normal]
03 Konntinent – Amongst The Islanders [Home Normal]
04 Wolves and Horses – Snow Capped Mountains Above The Clouds [UAE]
05 umber – The Warm Calm [Oxide Tones]
06 Konntinent – Numeral [Home Normal]
07 Konntinent – The Bridge [Home Normal]
08 Jan Bang & Erik Honoré – The God Of Silence [P-Vine]
09 Iron Galaxy – Flight Is Impossible [New Kanada]
10 Konntinent – Buddy [Home Normal]
11 Konntinent – White Horse Falls [Home Normal]
12 Konntinent – The Coldest Night I’ve Known [Home Normal]
13 Christina Vantzou – Vostok [kranky]
14 Alessandro Cortini – Passatempo [Hospital Prod.]

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