LEIMLAB : Nostromo

Nostromo (LEIMLAB 02)
01 Alveol – Alignment (nikosf. Brightly Aligned Remix) [Lovezone]
02 Ormatie – Mon Etoile [Proton]
03 Exoplanet – Waanzucht (Dub Mix) [Particles]
04 Nature Of Music – Profound Satisfaction (Martin Roth Remix) [Sudbeat]
05 Recondite – Duolo [Innervisions]
06 Applescal – Dozen People [Atomnation]
07 Exoplanet – Obvious Encephalus [Apollo]
08 Soundprank – Chakra (Royal Sapien Sunrise Remix) [Olaris]
09 Franz Kirmann – That Day We Threw The Keys Out The Window [Denovali]
10 Reii – Will No Fear [Dewtone]
11 Dan Sieg – The Art [Mango Alley]
12 Hirotaka Miyamoto – Lake Side In The Moon (Pablo Bolivar Remake) [Seven Villas]
13 Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 [Erased Tapes]
14 Sven Laux – Stuck In Sympathy [Dewtone]
15 Tim Penner – Ride Til Dawn (Anthony Yarranton Chillout Mix) [Proton]
16 Alveol – No Point In Holding On [Dewtone]
17 Barry Jamieson – Stars (Ambient Mix) [microCastle]

Images by: http://madewithisometric.com/

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