LEIMLAB : Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti (LEIMLAB 08)
01 Wolfgang Voigt – Rückverzauberung (Thore Pfeiffer Megamix) [Kompakt]
02 Mario Hammer – Symphony Of Pulsing [Traum]
03 Sam KDC – Untitled 2 [Auxiliary]
04 Ian Max Mauch – Embers [Traum]
05 Powel – Hor [All Day I Dream]
06 Sven Laux – Hidden Poem (Reprise) [Dewtone]
07 Denzel + Huhn – Repal Forte [Oktaf]
08 Leandro Fresco – Configuracion De Ataque [Kompakt]
09 Bruce Brubaker – Metamorphosis 3 (John Beltran’s Tangerine Sunset Mix) [InFiné]
10 Nils Frahm – Mi (Soul Channel Rework) [Erased Tapes]
11 Alveol – Empty Heart (Reprise) [Dewtone]
12 Floating Points – Elaenia [Pluto]

Images by: http://madewithisometric.com/

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