libelle (mit Helios et al.)

libelle (mit Helios et al.)
01 Helios – Every Passing Hour [Unseen]
02 Boards Of Canada – Over The Horizon Radar (Helios Cover)
03 Jacob David – July 10th [Moderna]
04 Sleepingdog – He Loved To See The World Through His Camera [Gizeh]
05 Wil Bolton – Cold Light
06 Helios – Skies Minus [Unseen]
07 Slow Meadow – Every Mournful Breath [Hammock]
08 Helios – Glimpse [Unseen]
09 Helios – The Root [Unseen]
10 Mosaik feat. Hunz – Icarus [Mango Alley]
11 Helios – Soft Collared Neck [Unseen]
12 Helios – It Was Warmer Then [Unseen]
13 Qualia – The Moon Is Rising
14 Lake Mary – The Sudden Bruise Of A Rainstorm [eilean]
15 Keith Kenniff – Aerial [Circle Into Square]
16 Helios – Sonora Lac [Unseen]

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