Sol-Archives, Ch. 2 : Going South 2011

Sol-Archives, Ch. 2 : Going South 2011
01 Arthur Deep vs. Arksun feat. Richard Bedford – Love Confessions [Mango Alley / Anjunabeats]
02 Andrew Benson feat. Gosh – Lost In Bermudas [Songbird]
03 Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa – Move On (Jiro Shirosaka Remix)
04 Luiz B – Hidden Beauty [Silk Digital]
05 Daniel Szabo – Budapest [Alter Ego Progressive]
06 Arty – Bright Days [Enhanced]
07 Louder Dale – Halo (PROFF Remix) [Arrival]
08 Schodt feat. Aida Fenhel – Falling (Schodt’s M1dn1t3 Mix) [Colorize]
09 Armin van Buuren feat. Adam Young – Youtopia (Blake Jarrell Remix) [Armind]
10 Joris Voorn vs. B.O.N.G. – Evolved Dub [Rejected / Digital Motion]
11 Schodt feat. Aida Fenhel – The Spirit & The Harmony (Suspect 44 Remix) [Particles]
12 Komytea – Algebra [Anjunadeep]
13 Jaytech – Paradox [Anjunadeep]
14 Audien – What Dreams May Come [Songbird]
15 PROFF & Mango – 5th In Blue (Mango Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
16 Julian Wess & Mike Carey – Sunrise [Ask4]
17 Humate – Love Stimulation (Tom Middleton Remix) [Grand Casino]
18 Mango – Good Morning Track (Sundriver Remix) [Silk Royal]
19 Andain – Promises (Soundprank Remix) [Black Hole]
20 Lang & Yep feat. Manon Polare – Nevertheless [Enhanced Progressive]
21 Sundriver – Dreamer [Enhanced Progressive]
22 The Flyers & Mike Sonar – Because I Wish To [AVA Blue]
23 Elfsong – Eta Carinae (Aeron Aether Remix) [Solaris]
24 Duderstadt feat. Hannah Ray – Painted Red [Intuition]
25 Hiroyuki Oda – Thirty (Kiwamu Remix) [Otographic]
26 Estiva feat. Josie – Better Days [Enhanced]
27 Mike Shiver vs. Matias Lehtola – Slacker [A State Of Trance]
28 Protoculture feat. Shannon Hurley – Sun Gone Down [Re*Brand]
29 Nuera – Green Cape Sunset [Magic Island]

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Sol-Archives, Ch. 1 : Strings Of Life

Sol-Archives, Ch. 1 : Strings Of Life
01 Ripperton – Random Violence [Green]
02 Plank 15 – Strings Of Life (Soul Mekanik Remix) [Edel]
03 Hybrid feat. Peter Hook – True To Form (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix) [Distinctive]
04 Coca & Villa – La Noche [SPG]
05 Filterheadz – Yimanya (Markus Schulz & Austin Leeds Remix) [Electronic Elements]
06 Nick Thompson – City Kid [Solaris]
07 Emjae – Necromancer (Probspot Vocal Mix) [Curvve]
08 Jerome Isma-Ae & Strobe – Monkey Square [Pilot 6]
09 David West – Suffering Island [Solaris]
10 Soundprank – Bushido [Mango Alley]
11 Benz & MD – Percasins [Aurium]
12 Jective – Portrait [Silent Shore]
13 Arctique – Kyana (Mat Zo Remix) [Well Mixed]
14 Liquid Nations – Ride (Airwave Remix) [Nemesis]
15 Grace – Not Over Yet (Max Graham vs. Protoculture Remix) [Perfecto]
16 Life In Streams – Ugly Things In A Pretty World [Subtraxx]
17 Disco Citizens – Footprint (’97 Re-Vamp) [Pro DJ International]
18 Envio – For You (The Blizzard Remix) [ASOT]
19 Kyohei Akagawa – Airo [Otographic]
20 Stan Kolev – Mesmerizing (Sunrise Mix) [Global Underground]

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Nostalgic Hours with Sol-Archives

Helioscope Sun Set and Helioscope Radio celebration episodes have been delivering classic mixes every now and then, but now that the main show will be finished by November, it’s time to give more attention to the past of Helioscope and the decades before.

Starting next Tuesday, Sol-Archives will be the new addition to the Helioscope show roster. It will roughly occur every second month, but it has no fixed schedule.

Chapter 1 will be featuring a usual Helioscope classic mix, delving deep into each genre, from house over techno, trance and progressive to breakbeats. It’s called Prologue and will be about 2 hours long. Release is, as mentioned above, on September 29.

Chapter 2 is the long-lost and very first edition of Going South (now Jade Bay), previously known for balearic prog trance. It was a mixed CD back then which I did solely for private workout. Still, it had an amazing track selection which I don’t want to spoil now. You got to wait until November 29. Until then, it will be re-made which is, by the way, my plan for some other mixes of Helioscope.

Chapter 3 is something entirely different. Pocket Safari is the moniker for these very special World vibes one may call so. ‘Sonido del Valle’ (Quantic AS), ‘Out Of The Wild’ (Bonobo AS) and ‘Across The Pacific’ (Tycho AS) were already added to the playlist (now available on Helioscope’s Mixcloud). African vibes have always influenced the electronic scene, be it percussions, chants or native instruments. This will be quite a journey on January 31, 2016.

solarchives-design-01-(danthemainman777)solarchives-design-02-(serdar_t)Pocket Safari (isacg)

Maybe you’ve noticed some brand new playlists added to Mixcloud: Maritime Adventures is one of them. The Mango Alley sounds have spawned so many beautiful mixes, especially for Idolatry. It definitely deserves its own format. There are a lot of new ideas for next year, but Neptunian has a special on both ‘Yume’, the Helios album (which was also featured on Planetarium as a release special), and the 2CD chillout compilation ‘To Technicolour City / From Coastal Daze’ to be broadcast this Sunday (September 27) via FRISKY Chill. This third Neptunian show called ‘Nerei et Dorides’ will then be uploaded to the Planetarium Mixcloud channel on October 14.

Another one is Hort. Ryan Davis who appeared on the brand new Anjunadeep:07 compilation with a true beauty entitled ‘Brun’ is the best inspiration for these series. Clearly, the three already released artist showcases on him belong to this playlist. However, Hort (short for Helioscope on Romantic Techno) will be a brand new format starting in Spring 2016.

Golden Age marks the third column of new shows: It’s the new Anjunadeep sound Dusky is the most prominent representant of. Shine Thru, the 14th Idolatry volume, has promoted this sound for the first time. There are no big plans except for one mixtape in early 2016 named Golden Age. I’m currently thinking about following this trail to more exciting stuff, but keep in mind there are plenty of other genres for me to consider.

The Permanent Vacation label showcase Infinite Minds has also been a regular format lately. Why not make it into a unique format? It won’t have its fixed schedule, but there will be, for instance, a fifth edition ‘Different Kinds’ (originally planned as a 1h mix for Idolatry, but then extended to 2h for Helioscope exclusive release) on October 20.

A Journey To New Galaxies : Planetarium sets off to residency on FRISKY Radio

I’m happy to announce that Planetarium has been picked up by FRISKY Radio, more specifically the CHILL station. The brand new format is called Neptunian and is intended to deliver serene sounds similar to the eighth and tenth Idolatry sessions Lost Odyssey / The Deep Blue (available July 1) as well as acoustic, sometimes vocal-influenced chill-out tracks.

A date for the first broadcast (Valles Marineris) has now been worked out by the station’s admins, it will be July 26. Tune in to Frisky CHILL every 4th sunday @ 9am EST / 3pm CEST. Each 1-hour broadcast remains a 2-week exclusive, so Mixcloud listeners will be able to satisfy their ears on third Wednesdays of the following month (1st episode arrives August 19).

In other news, the mixtape schedule for the rest of 2015 has mostly been finished. Arriving in summer and autumn season are, for example, the label showcases of Atomnation (Tulip Folder – July 26), Kompakt (Elbchaussee – November 29) and Life and Death (The Bacchanal – December 6) as well as the sequels for Permanent Vacation (Perpetual Chimes, Ancient Times, Endless Lines – July 22, August 5, August 19) and Mango Alley (Maritime Adventures, The Deep Blue, A New Panorama – June 24, July 1, August 9).

Artist showcases are not to be missed, either. Kobana (On Repeat – August 30), Jaytech vs. Nigel Good (Discoverers of the Multiverse – October 11), Moderat (When We Collide – December 13) and Robag Wruhme (Wighnomial – December 27) join the party. There are no sequels, but exciting and new additions, as you can see.

Helioscope Sun Set isn’t much longer. I decided to get rid of overly long mixtapes, since the attention span of almost every listener is at most three hours, it seems. Instead, there’s a new, quite similar format now replacing HSS. It will be called Sol-Archives and consists of classic tracks released before the Helioscope era (pre-2010). I haven’t decided about the schedule yet. I’ll just wait and see how well it will be received. However, the first edition (Chapter 1) is scheduled to arrive on September 27.

Until the end of this year, you are also going to see the return of all three seasonals: Lush summer vibes are out there en masse. No wonder, Jade Bay Vol. 2 (July 12) is almost finished. New Soul has been quite impactful the past two years, so I would miss a great opportunity if I didn’t create one for the third year in a row. As you might know, I decided to rename it. Silvan Soul is more appropriate in my opinion, since the forest has been a key element of inspiration for track selection in the atmospheric deep house and techno genres. Volume 1 releases August 23. Following that, an unexpected return does Worlds Between Us (September 13), as the fourth edition was initially scheduled for early 2016. There are a lot of blissful, melodic progressive tunes still unused in my library. Plus, Volume 3 was a lot fun in terms of mixing and I really think I can improve on that even more. Silvan Soul will spawn a second mix on November 8. Last year, I released three parts (CDs with 80 minutes in length) over the course of one month. Much like the release of Jade Bay, spreading it across a whole season seems more reasonable.

If you are not convinced yet, there’s LEIMLAB, the ambient and dub techno mixtape series, returning to Helioscope, this time staying for much longer, but on a semi-monthly basis. Catch the first episode of season two on August 12. It will then occur on every 2nd Wednesday of every second month.

Stay tuned for another big announcement regarding Distant coming next week!