Idolatry Vol. 8 : Lost Odyssey

Idolatry Vol. 8 : Lost Odyssey
01 Gang Violins – This Fire (You Lit In My Heart Will Destroy Us Both) [Mango Alley]
02 Rhian Sheehan – A Thimble Full Of Sorrow [Loop]
03 Ulrich Schnauss – In All The Wrong Places [City Centre Offices]
04 Tony Anderson – Dwell (Snowfall Remix) [Tony Anderson]
05 Balmorhea – Baleen Morning [Western Vinyl]
06 Jan Martin – Pillows (SineRider & Mango Remix) [Mango Alley]
07 Mango – Tokyo 7am [Silk Sofa]
08 Schodt – Waiting [Mango Alley]
09 Helios – The Red Truth [Type]
10 Rob Fleming – First Light [Whitecap]
11 Tom Day feat. Monsoonsiren – We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes [Mango Alley]
12 Sunamount – Orange Blossom [Mango Alley]
13 Leandro Fresco – La Edad De Oro [Kompakt]

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