Words of Solace

I’m slowly building up the output of the Nutrients channel again. Monthly mixes will be there, contrary to my last announcement, and they also will be accompanied by two brand new series, called Break Apart (Synthetic chill or “Neptunian on steroids”, debuting in two weeks) and Forever Travelling (Post-Rock, starting in November 2017).

But first, here’s the second edition of the Folk and Singer/Songwriter focussed format Words of…:

Words of Solace (Wo2)
01 yadayn – Voel [Navalorama]
02 Meadowlark – About You Now [Believe]
03 BATTS – For Now
04 Johanna Warren – Let Me Stay [Spirit House]
05 Amber Run – Machine [Easy Life]
06 Rosie Carney – Your Moon [X Novo]
07 Julien Baker – Distant Solar System [Matador]
08 Bendith – Mis Mehefin [Recordiau Agati]
09 Lake Forest – Over
10 Teen Daze with S. Carey – First Rain [Flora]
11 Illuminine feat. Jan Swerts – (You Will) Never Know [Illuminine]
12 Novo Amor – Carry You [All Points]
13 Peter Broderick – Sometimes [Erased Tapes]
14 Chris Bathgate – Northern Country Trail [Quite Scientific]
15 Timid, the Brave – Alice [Other Songs]
16 Sailing Stones – Telescopes
17 Ian William Craig – Contain [FatCat]
18 Emma Gatrill – Cocoon [flau]
19 Julie Byrne – I Live Now as a Singer [Ba Da Bing!]
20 Fenne Lily – Bud

Images by: http://frestro79.deviantart.com/

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