Zoneout – May ’18

After all these months of hiatus for the Nutrients channel and its eponymous series, I decided it’s time to discontinue it – at least the channel, since it didn’t draw as many listeners as I hoped it would. Moving the Nutrients format to the Distant channel solves another problem as well: Diversity on Distant.
So this new series called Zoneout will merge all of Nutrients’ former chillout series, namely Words Of… (Folk), Forever Travelling (Post-Rock) and most importantly Break Apart (ambient and chillout, “Neptunian on steroids”). It will be recurring every 10 weeks roughly. You can look forward to a mix of the more beat-heavy side of Nutrients arriving next month – also on Distant.

Zoneout – May ’18 (Z01)
01 Roald Velden – Words Left Unspoken [Midnight Aurora] {00:00}
02 Teen Daze – Becoming [Flora] {03:36}
03 Soular Order – Coming Home [City By Night] {04:52}
04 Synkro – Vanishing Point [Apollo] {07:40}
05 Slowdive – Sugar for the Pill [Dead Oceans] {12:20}
06 Effulgence – Us [Mango Alley] {16:25}
07 Cold, Cold Heart – Mountain [Fluttery] {21:00}
08 Balmorhea – 55 [Western Vinyl] {26:02}
09 Luca Chesney – Amber {29:13}
10 Sed Project feat. Paul Davids – Phoenix {32:28}
11 Hiatus – Precipice [Lucky Thunder] {35:52}
12 Etherwood – Taken Away [Medschool] {40:07}
13 London Grammar – Hell to the Liars [Metal & Dust] {44:00}
14 Blure – Isabella’s Dream {49:39}
15 Josh Leake – Dusk to Dawn [Root & Pen] {51:40}
16 Stumbleine – Emulator {55:45}
17 Tony Anderson – Thin Place {58:21}
18 Cash – Serenity, Pt. 2 {1:03:31}
19 Baiba Dekena – Touch You Right [Super Plus] {1:09:47}
20 We Are All Astronauts feat. Valeska Rautenberg – Ether {1:13:34}

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Distant Mixes Catalogue ID: d119

Nutrients – June ’17

The Nutrients channel will be restructured significantly.

The regular show won’t be continued any longer and I’ll be switching to blog posts only.

The reason is that my feed of new releases lacks a coherent structure and most of the tracks aren’t supposed to be used in a DJ mix anyway.
They still are good tracks on their own and should be heard on shuffle rather than in a strict arrangement like in my episodes.

Since I already started incorporating artists showcase mixes of Four Tet, Flying Lotus and Bonobo and uploaded the Folk mix which is Words of Tenderness, I will definitely continue publishing mixes on Nutrients every now and then. I’m planning to release more artist showcases of the aforementioned artists as well as of Maribou State starting August.

Von Grey – Poison in the Water

Hugh – I Can’t Figure You Out

Forest Swords – Raw Language

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