Les Élémentes du Ciel

Open Firmament is a new mixtape series which – after three successful years managing Planetarium – explores the more cinematic, energetic and rhythmic side of the ambient and neo-classical music channel. It also functions as a sequel to Distant’s Rocket Science series. You might recognize some names from the IDM and ambient genres. However, as Planetarium has no slot left for additional shows, this semi-monthly show will be published through Helioscope main channel.

Les Élémentes du Ciel (OF1)
01 Imprints – Roy [Serein]
02 Eskmo – Can’t Taste [Apollo]
03 Somfay – Kassiepeia / Rushlight
04 Tangent – Tectonic Shift [n5]
05 Synkro – Holding On [Apollo]
06 Lamb – We Fall In Love [Strata]
07 Robert Farrugia & Stimulus Timbre – Elemheim
08 Matt Christensen – Los Angeles [Miasmah]
09 Barzek – Counting the Daze [Silk]
10 Murcof – Metamorphosis 2 [InFiné]
11 Ed Carlsen – Cage (Clemens Ruh Remix) [Moderna]
12 ASC – Mute [Auxiliary]
13 Legiac – Keplerian Orbit (Ocoeur Remix)
14 Christopher Tignor – The Will and the Waiting [Western Vinyl]
15 Swept – Dawning
16 SineRider – Minutes [SunSeaSky]
17 Valotihkuu – Moments in Silence

Images by: http://dennybitte.tumblr.com/