Helioscope Radio 054

Helioscope Radio 054 (HR054)
01 Basil O’Glue – Step Two [Afterglow]
02 Sebastian Weikum – Gimme (Deep Lark Remix) [Intricate]
03 Emma Louise – Boy (Spada Remix) [Ego]
04 Daughter – Smother (Duncan Murray Remix)
05 Nico Parisi – Caress (Philthy Chit Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
06 Mindset – Home [Macarize]
07 Jay FM – Escape (Clameres Remix) [Macarize]
08 Universal Solution – Cobalt [Paper Pagoda]
09 George Fitzgerald – Magnetic [Double Six]
10 Aggero – If I Could Ask [Intricate Cuts]
11 Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Place Of Love (MP Edit) [Ellum]
12 Ferdy – Time To Say Goodbye [Particles]

13 Cocolores – What You Do [Dirt Crew]
14 Dale Middleton – When In Rome [Lowbit]
15 Jallen – Forgotten Memories [ESM]
16 Meantone feat. Lokka – Calling (Ma5haria’s Sundowner Remix) [ESM]
17 Blood Groove & Kikis – Mirage (Jaytech Progressive Mix)
18 Gai Barone – Voices Inside My Head [Afterglow]
19 Guy Mantzur – How Long Is Now [Sudbeat]
20 Erdi Irmak – Departures (Baunder Remix) [Particles]
21 Âme – Tatischeff [Innervisions]
22 DJ Koze feat. Rahel – Magical Boy (Matthew Herbert’s ‘Not ’til It Stops’ Mix) [Pampa]

Images by: http://fardareismai.deviantart.com/

Helioscope Mixes Catalogue ID: h124

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