City Lights

City Lights (Silk Music Label Showcase [WBU Edition], Pt. 2)
01 Nigel Good – Nothing Out Here [Silk Royal]
02 Nigel Good – Something Out There [Silk Royal]
03 Jayeson Andel – Vertical Forest [Silk Digital]
04 Kukuzenko – City of Glass [Silk Royal]
05 Gal Abutbul feat. Sivan – Siderea [Arrival]
06 Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – No Frontiers (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [Anjunabeats]
07 Matt Fax – Shift [Colorize]
08 Eastbound – Lust [Silk Royal]
09 Roald Velden & Anushka De’sai – Thousand Words [Portrait Digital]
10 Glaue – Galleon (Talamanca Remix) [sunsetmelodies]
11 Gal Abutbul – White Sand [Arrival]
12 Dan Sieg – Horizons [Silk Royal]
13 Zuubi – Connect [Macarize]
14 Derix & Shoreliners – Sumr (Nigel Good Remix) [Silk Royal]
15 Boom Jinx & PROFF – Blue Angel [Intricate]
16 Shingo Nakamura – Days [Otographic]
17 James Woods & Alex H – Guadalupe (JAM’D Remix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
18 Ferry Tayle feat. Erica Curran – Rescue Me (Suncatcher Remix) [Always Alive]

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Helioscope Mixes Catalogue ID: h207

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