Helioscope Discoveries : Issue No. 5

Every season, I present my picks for upcoming talents and rising stars. This time, it took a while to collect them, so the list is a bit longer than usual. Banner and twitter post coming next week.

New Blood
jav3x – Renald Benedicto (Missisauga, Canada)
John Manz – Juan Martinez (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico)
Laniakea – Danil Sorochinsky (Samara, Russia)
Minoru – Olaf Gretzmacher (Stuttgart, Germany)
Smokeless Soul – Dima Dityantsev (?, Russia)
Soundslogic – Felix M.L. (Heidelberg, Germany)
SummerMarian – ? (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Rising Stars
Alex H – Alex Humberstone (Manchester, UK)
ATTLAS – Jeff Hartford (?, Canada)
Bwana – Nathan Micay (Toronto, Canada)
Copy Paste Soul – ? (?, UK)
Denis Neve – Denis Kharitonov (Donetsk, Ukraine)
Eekkoo – Jonathan Doyon (Montreal, Canada)
Errors – Stephen Livingstone, Simon Ward, James Hamilton & Greg Paterson (Glasgow, UK)
Gacha – Gacha Bakradze (Tbilisi, Georgia)
HRRSN – Ulrich Harrison (Berlin, Germany)
Jallen – Josh Allen (Bremerton, USA)
Katrin Souza – Katrin Souza (Krasnodar, Russia)
Markus Hakala – Markus Hakala (Helsinki, Finland)
Pawas – Pawas Gupta (Cologne, Germany)
Ri Za – Richard Zagiba (Kosice, Slovakia)
Sebastian Busto – Sebastian Busto (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
ZANIO – ? (Tokyo, Japan)

Same Studio But New Name
Aussteiger – ? (?, ?) [part of the Exploited label]
Edit Revenge – Rodolfo Abrao Wehbba & Junior C. (Sao Paulo, Brazil) [Noir Music label heads]
Somne – Federico Maccherone (?, Italy) [formerly 1/2 of Clockwork]

Images by: http://the_egg.deviantart.com/

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