Valles Marineris

Valles Marineris (N01)
01 Oliver Englafjord – Metaphorsis [Black Hole]
02 Sokkyo – La Hora Azul [dauw]
03 Der Waldläufer – Stella Solaris [Waldlauf]
04 Hammock – I Can Almost See You [Hammock]
05 The American Dollar – Anything You Synthesize [Yesh]
06 Jude Frankum – On The Rock The Next Day, Fixing Our Problems
07 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Sleep For A Minute
08 Lubomyr Melnyk – A Warmer Place [Erased Tapes]
09 Chantal Acda – My Night [Gizeh]
09 Jesy Fortino – Dreamer [Erased Tapes]
10 Hior Chronik & Lüüp – Cold Winter Morning [Kitchen Label]
11 Orla Wren – Four Feathers Few [Home Normal]
12 Barzin – All The While [Monotreme]
13 Dakota Suite – The Night Keeps Coming In [Karaoke Kalk]

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