Autumn 2015 schedule is here

The autumn compilation Silvan Soul has been released this past Sunday, so it’s time to take a look at the rest of the year, or rather at the Autumn 2015 release schedule.

Not a lot will change in terms of weekdays or shows. The two most significant changes happening, though, ought to be the Sol-Archives show coming to Helioscope main channel right at the end of September and Helioscope Radio showing off its whole potential in the Grand Finale on November 15.

Here are some of the highlights, but remember to check out the full list via the SCHEDULE tab!

23-09-2015 | libelle (mit Helios et al.)

Helios is about to release his new full-length LP called ‘Yume’ and Planetarium will, of course, use this opportunity to do a best of Helios.

29-09-2015 | Sol-Archives, Ch. 1 : Prologue

Deep house, progressive and trance clearly are the roots of Helioscope and here you’re getting to know more than just some classics. I plan to dive deep into back catalogue of many labels and bring back a floor-proof DJ set spanning roughly two hours in every chapter.

30-09-2015 | cassiopeia (mit Max Richter et al.)

The pioneering 8-hour compilation ‘Sleep’ courtesy of Max Richter will also be highlighted on Planetarium. Mark your calendars for this release special!

15-11-2015 | Helioscope Radio 100 (The Grand Finale)

Don’t miss the most important mixtape of 2015! The final episode of my longest running series Helioscope Radio will include several guest mixes by renowned Helioscope residents and a rewind of some of the best tracks played throughout the 99 mixes beginning in January 2012.

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