We Dream Of Space

We Dream Of Space
01 Reinhard Lakomy – Die Gotischen Narren [AMIGA]
02 Lord Of The Isles – Xatziv [Little Strong]
03 My Favorite Robot – Magneto [My Favorite Robot]
04 Fernando – Sometimes [Tsuba]
05 Chinaski – Night School [Live At Robert Johnson]
06 Tuff City Kids – PF01 [Internasjonal]
07 Chinaski – Midnight Workout [Live At Robert Johnson]
08 Paul Nagle – Going On [YHR Tapes]
09 Damabiah – Hologrammes [Les Nymphes Du Couchant]
10 Alex Hentze & ƎthƎrfƎƎL – Waking UP (COMA Remix) [CUBEREC]
11 Lindstrom – I Feel Space [Feedelity]
12 Lord Of The Isles – Nustron [Little Strong]
13 Lauer – Carpet [Permanent Vacation]
14 School Of Seven Bells – Love Play [Full Time Hobby]
15 Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream – Zero Gravity [The Vinyl Factory]
16 Lauer – Pal_Oh [Permanent Vacation]
17 5alad – Kepler 22b [Factor City]
18 Jori Hulkkonen – Italian Love Affair [My Favorite Robot]
19 Soft Rocks – Leave Your Earth Behind [Redux]
20 Woolfy vs. Projections – The Bright Light Of The Truth [Permanent Vacation]
21 Bob Moses – Keeping Me Alive [Domino]
22 Cora Novoa feat. Tom Havelock – Transmutation [Seeking The Velvet]
23 SwitchSt(d)ance – Daydreaming [Beachcoma]
24 Croquet Club – Martini
25 Starforce – Oblivion [Playmaker]
26 Doe Paoro – Nostalgia [Anti, Inc.]

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