Plans for 2016

Now that Helioscope Radio has finally ended, plenty of new sub-genre specific semi-monthly shows will spawn next year. This not only includes Idolatry, the now frontrunner and flagship of the Helioscope universe, which will feature continuous 2-hour sets with brand new deep progressive sounds (every 4th Sunday of the month).

Hort is one of those new formats. Short for Helioscope on Romantic Techno, these 1-hour sets arriving every second 1st Sunday (beginning in April 2016) include melodic techno inspired by the likes of Ryan Davis and Dominik Eulberg. The cover art looks like garden pictures in a vignette. Episode 1 will be published on April 3.

Hort 1 (fiorelladepietro) - Banner

The second one will be covering the classic and club-oriented deep house section of Helioscope. First and foremost Dusky and the Anjunadeep camp have released a lot of tracks lately which I haven’t yet covered in any mixes. It’s called Golden Age and will (most likely) have its first edition in July 2016. More info coming your way this Spring.

This also means Worlds Between Us will turn into a regular, semi-monthly show, because beautiful balearic sounds are somewhere out there and wait to be found. Starting in January 2016, WBU will return on 3rd Sundays. Volume 4 is scheduled for January 17.

Planetarium uploads now on Tuesdays (instead of Wednesdays) starting January 12, right after a two-week break. Distant and Turbobache uploads now on Thursdays (instead of Fridays) starting February 4. The last wave of mixes made in 2015 will be scheduled for Fridays (Jan 1,8,15). Furthermore, there is going to be only one mix per week for the main channel until February 17. From then on, Helioscope will be back for two mixes a week (Wednesdays and Sundays).

Nutrients returns back to Helioscope after one year gaining popularity on Distant. Episode 16 will be kicking of the new year on January 10. New editions every 2nd Sunday of each month.

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