Idolatry Vol. 24 : Atonement
01 Matt Fax – Warmrider (We Are All Astronauts Remix) [Statement!]
02 Lopezhouse feat. Angela – Crosses & Angels [Plattenbank]
03 LOM – Hydra [Intemporal]
04 Lucefora – Behind My Ego (Sonic Union & Bastards of Funk Reunion Remix) [238W]
05 Bastian Bux – Tresor [Suara]
06 Li-Polymer – Silence Between Us (Matan Caspi Remix) [Particles]
07 Kobana – Freefall (Rich Curtis Mix) [Particles]
08 Marc Romboy – Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) [Bedrock]
09 Da Funk – Ruffle Up (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [Spring Tube]
10 Gai Barone – Bianca [Afterglow]
11 We Are All Astronauts feat. Seawaves – Found and Lost (Battage Remix) [Mango Alley]
12 Brian Cid – Eternal Sunrise [microCastle]
13 Simos Tagias – Something Wrong (Tash Right or Wrong Remix) [Dopamine]
14 Andy Arias – A Little Stopover in Four Walls [Sudbeat]
15 Brian Cid – Belles du Shaman [microCastle]
16 bOg – Rewired [Bedrock]
17 Bwana – The Capsule’s Pride (Bikes) [LuckyMe]
18 Tim Green – Over The Water [Cocoon]
19 Sei A – Ancestors [Aus]
20 Aria Rostami – Seven-Segments [Spring Theory]
21 Niko Lindhé – Golden Rays (Embliss ‘Daily Miracle’ Remix) [LuPS]
22 Yone B – Sable [Tehnofonika]

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