Fulgor Galateae

Fulgor Galateae (Neptunian 12)
01 Chasing Dreams – Generations
02 Robert Farrugia – Encoder [ARCHIVES]
03 Need a Name – Aerial
04 Tom Adams – Fade [Kowloon]
05 Tom Day – Starlight
06 CEEYS – Hover, Over, Me [1631]
07 Dag Rosenqvist – Whatever It Takes To Disappear [dronarivm]
08 Near The Parenthesis – Four [n5]
09 Poppy Nogood – II) Dirge-Hymn [Preserved Sound]
10 Slow Meadow – Lachrymosia [Hammock]
11 Illuminine – For What It’s Worth (Lambert Rework) [dauw]
12 Chasing Dreams – Dye
13 Near The Parenthesis – Someday The Future [n5]
14 Endless Melancholy – Like Ships Without Anchors

Mixcloud Bonus:
15 Halftribe – Breathing Space [ARCHIVES]
16 Kenneth James Gibson – Long Gone Canadian Summer [Kompakt]
17 SineRider – Shades of Blue [Soft]

Images by: http://cavecanem42.deviantart.com/

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