Oksilleri (Robag Wruhme Artist Showcase, Pt. 2)
01 I Am Just A Pupil – Romance and Mourning [1080p]
02 Colo – The View From Nowhere [Ki]
03 Merle – Mimi Likes 2 Dance [Stripped & Chewed]
04 Das Bierbeben – Staub (Robag Wruhme’s Im-Brokklio-Staub-Wisch Rmx) [Shitkatapult]
05 Ian Blevins – Poor Old Head [ESP Institute]
06 Wighnomy Brothers – Nobody Does It Better [Freude am Tanzen]
07 DJ Koze – Nices Wölkchen (Robags Bronky Frumu Rehand) [Pampa]
08 Lord Of The Isles – Bodyswerve [Permanent Vacation]
09 The Sight Below & Chaos – Conversazioni Stellari (Kyoto Mix) [Permanent Vacation]
10 Me Succeeds – Seventeen (Iron Curtis Remix) [Ki]
11 Robag Wruhme – Kuttenrolch 1996 [Vakant]
12 Holtoug – Stay In Love (Acid Pauli’s Bone Drone Remix) [hafendisko]
13 Robag Wruhme – Inrespekkt [Lessizmore]
14 Aspect – Sanguine [Archives]
15 Roman Flügel – 9 Years [Pampa]
16 Gui Boratto – No Turning Back (Wighnomy’s Likkalize Love Rekksmi) [Kompakt]
17 Beanfield – Tides (C’s Movement #1) (Carl Craig Remix) [Compost]
18 Robag Wruhme – Donnerkuppel [Kompakt]
19 Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz’ Over 2 The End Version) [Dial]
20 Stimming – Alpe Lusia (Robag’s Bodelshwing Sovar NB) [Diynamic]

Images by: http://alexgutkin.deviantart.com/

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