Subaqua Vita

Subaqua Vita (Neptunian 15)
01 Glacis – A Prayer From The Heart Not The Lips [Facture]
02 Hammock – Wasted We Stared at the Ceiling [Hammock]
03 Peter Broderick – Under the Bridge [Erased Tapes]
04 Loveable – Sing Me to Sleep [Mango Alley]
05 Alex Somers – Remembering [Lakeshore]
06 Rhucle – A Piece of Rock [Assembly Field]
07 Rhucle – Wet Suits [Assembly Field]
08 Tom Adams – The Last Farewell [Kowloon]
09 Helios – You the Rose [Unseen]
10 Chad Lawson – Waiting, Holding, Breathing [1631]
11 Ed Carlsen – Close [Moderna]
12 Warmth – Wave Growth (Album Version) [Archives]
13 Strië – 87 Billion Suns [Serein]
14 Sensitize – Passing By

Mixcloud Bonus:
15 Alex Lucas + Olan Mill – Putxet [Hawk Moon]
16 Rhucle – Underwater Stars [Assembly Field]
17 Cobalt Rabbit & The Penguin District – Invisible Friend [Insight]

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