Outlook on 2017

In my Twitter conversation with Michael McGarrity, I was reminded of how far the year already progressed.

This is the current state of things:
I tried to keep up with a four-mixes-per-week schedule, but lately I have been very busy and, what’s even more important, I will be even more starting next year. This is because I am about to graduate from my alma mater in Heidelberg and will continue with a masters programme at Potsdam University. This probably means I will either release two or three mixes per week or discontinue my fixed-day-per-channel schedule.

So here are some of my rough plans for next year:

Three yearmixes to be released late January (Helioscope, Distant, Planetarium).

Planetarium will definitely be fixed at once per week and always on Monday night / Tuesday midnight CET as always. I had some delays here and there lately, but this works pretty well overall. Formats are Planetarium (main show) every 14 days, Neptunian monthly, LEIMLAB every 6 weeks from September to March (Autumn/Winter season), Retrospektiven and Release Specials on weeks where none of the aforementioned shows occur.

Helioscope mixes at least once per week, hopefully two per week: Idolatry, Helioscope Radio, Worlds Between Us, HORT, Golden Age, Jade Bay, Silvan Soul and Astronics will have highest priority. All other mixes will be delayed until I’ve got some bonus time to spend on them.

Minor channels (Distant, Turbobache, Nutrients) will be renewed every three weeks and have occasional extra mixes like artist/label showcases or tributes to soundtracks. Distant main show has a high priority as it continuously rises in popularity.

– If everything goes perfectly well, there will be four mixes every week.

TL;DR : Everything will be continued, but on a smaller scale. Due to listener counts, Planetarium has the top priority.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed 2016 so far in terms of mix releases. Let me know what you think by replying to this post or leaving comments on my cloudcasts at Mixcloud.

Image by : http://villainistic.tumblr.com/

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