Words of Tenderness

New series on the Nutrients channel: Words of. Featuring folk, easy-listening pop music and ambient.

Words of Tenderness (Wo1)
01 Message To Bears feat. Gemma Alexander – Spin/Float
02 littlebow – The Damned Erudition of Damian O’Hara [Rural Colours]
03 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Rings of Saturn [Bad Seeds]
04 Christian Löffler – The Great White Open [Ki]
05 C. Diab – Memory As Mist [Injazero]
06 Tigran Hamasyan – Pagan Lullaby [Decca]
07 The Iona Room – With Healing in Its Wings [1631]
08 Light of Woods – Daughter / Son I [Other Songs]
09 Bon Iver – ____45____ [Jagjaguwar]
10 Johanna Warren – White Owl [Spirit House]
11 Å Asher-Yates – Song Bird Sounds [Shimmering Moods]
12 David Åhlén feat. Jonas Nyström – Hidden Light [Volkoren]
13 Barnaby Carter & Ivan Moult – This Is Ours [Project Mooncircle]
14 Matt Berry – Seasons on Fire [Acid Jazz]
15 North Sea Radio Orchestra – Vishnu Schist [The Household Mark]
16 Carinthia – Tide Years
17 Ed Carlsen – Grey [Moderna]
18 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Distant Sky [Bad Seeds]
19 Weyes Blood – Seven Words [Kemado]

Images by: http://instagram.com/anthonysamaniego

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