Silvan Soul 16.2

Silvan Soul 16.2
01 Anenon – Body [Friends of Friends]
02 LUM – Respira [Kindisch]
03 Joep Mencke – Sea of Sound [Crossings]
04 City Lies – Haunted [Silk]
05 Roman Flügel – All The Right Noises [Dial]
06 Juan Astudillo – The Rabbit Hole [Lowbit]
07 Marconi Union – Remnants / Shadow Scheme [Just]
08 Roi Okev & Hakimonu – She Set The Scene [Hakimonu]
09 Brian Cid – Hidden (Jon Charnis Remix) [Manjumasi]
10 Jonas Saalbach – Morgen [Einmusika]
11 Pattern Drama, Discern – Akira [Akbal]
12 Bambook feat. Name One – Träume (Quina Remix) [Jeudi]
13 NAOME feat. Sutja Gutierrez – Belly of the Beast (Villanova Fretless Remix) [My Favorite Robot]
14 Dave Nash – Twisted Circles [Tulipa]
15 Moogers – Wings of the Dawn (Prem Kavita) (Simone Vitullo Remix) [Hysterical]
16 Lee Mills – New Ship [Mooseekaa]
17 Pitto – Fly Like a Bird (Till von Sein & Tigerskin Remix) [UMC]
18 Lake People – Distance [Permanent Vacation]
19 Vaal – Wander to Hell [Afterlife]
20 East Cafe – No Need To Hide (Diyo Remix) [Golden Wings]
21 Mano Le Tough – The Space Between [Permanent Vacation]

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