Bache in Weisensee

After weeks of preparation, Helioscope and fellow synthwave enthusiast Akrodos share their new collaborative set centered around urban-themed synth-pop, driving retrowave instrumentals and classic disco sounds:

Bache in Weisensee (Bi5)
01 M|O|O|N – Time [Friends of Friends]
02 Brandon – Beverly Hills Girls
03 Johnny Hates Jazz – I Don’t Want to Be a Hero [Virgin]
04 Sferro feat. Phono Ghosts – Court of the Twelve Trees [Rosso Corsa]
05 Sulene – What We Had [Sleep Well]
06 TV-Players feat. Aurolab – Love Obsession
07 Crockett – Off the Grid [Rain Dragon]
08 DJ Pone & Boogie Vice – Ricky the Can [Ed Banger]
09 Hal Incandenza feat. Mammals – Unicorn [Lost Worlds]
10 Computronic feat. Vandal Moon – Running the Storm [TimeSlaves]
11 Robert Parker – DiscoDeath [Lazerdiscs]
12 Roisto – No Regrets [It’s Great!]
13 Jamiroquai – Cloud 9 (Fred Falke Remix) [Virgin EMI]
14 Lionel Richie – Running with the Night [Motown]
15 Michael Elliot – Don’t You Wanna (I-Vision Remix) [June 87]
16 The Midnight – Sunset (Michael Cassette Remix) [Silk]
17 Volt Age – Sensual Overdrive
18 The Encounter – Behemoth IV (Emmett Brown Remix)
19 Shalamar – A Night to Remember [Solar]
20 Cassius feat. Ryan Tedder & JAW – The Missing (Domenico Torti Remix) [Interscope]
21 Sunglasses Kid feat. JJ Mist – Without You [Aztec]
22 Lifelike – Nightwalk [Anjunadeep]
23 Tuxedo – 2nd Time Around [Stones Throw]
24 Mono Memory – Part 2
25 Spandau Ballet – Gold [Chrysalis]
26 Beckett – Four [InnerDark]
27 Phaserland – Cosmic Boundaries [Rosso Corsa]
28 Paradise Walk – Neon Rain
29 Speed Limits – Feel So Good
30 Quixotic – Teenage Hero [Hungarian Synthwave Allstars]
31 Ultraboss – Tenerezza [NewRetroWave]
32 Time Travel – Roller Skates
33 Mason – I Like It [Animal Language]
34 Cameo vs. Monkeycat – Word Up [Mercury / Animal Language]

Image by yours truly. I went to Wannsee a few weeks ago which is a beautiful lake in my vicinity.

Turbobache Mixes Catalogue ID: t040

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