Bergkuppen (P79)
01 Janek Schaefer – Wanderings [Room40]
02 Murkok – White and Turquoise
03 Hior Chronik – Corridor of Life [7k!]
04 Steven Kemner – Displacement [Facture]
05 36 – Black Soma [3six]
06 4lienetic – Phoenix
07 Secret Pyramid – In Wind [Ba Da Bing!]
08 Laraaji – Introspection [All Saints]
09 Chihei Hatakeyama – At the Foot of the Slope [White Paddy Mountain]
10 Theatre Romance – A Familiar Place (Reprise)
11 r beny – Cities Sleep Like Seeds
12 Anthéne – Monument Echo [Pyramid Blood]
13 Tone Color – I Knew It Then, And I Know It Now [Archives]
14 Cid Inc. – Hindas [Armadillo]
15 Purna – Alone on the Summit [AM 800]
16 SineRider – The Snow Turned to Rain [Archives]

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Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p172

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