Bache in Japan

Akrodos and Turbobache have never actually been to Japan, but here’s our best guess of what we would play in a live set in the country of the rising sun.

Bache in Japan (Bi6)
01 Alphaville – Big in Japan [WEA]
02 Jay Ikalima – Centuries [Future City]
03 Shikimo feat. DOOMROAR – VHS
04 Droid Bishop – She Don’t [Celladora]
05 Frekt – Tokyo
06 Morgan Willis – The Game (Round2) [Lazerdiscs]
07 Flashworx – Odaiba Chase [SpaceWalker]
08 Ryder – Joyride
09 U-KOH – Cold Land Adventure [TimeSlaves]
10 Morgan Willis – Nerd Club
11 Zane Alexander – Galaxy
12 FM Attack feat. MNYNMS – Inner Space [Starfield]
13 Brandon with Sam Hughes – Arcade (Shred Remixed Version) [Horus]
14 Sebastian Gampl feat. Tommy Reeve – Without You [Rad Rush]
15 Neon Vandal – Shinjuku Rose [Future City]
16 Phaserland – Alone with You [Rosso Corsa]
17 Sunglasses Kid feat. Japhy Saatchi – Corruptin’ Mind [Aztec]
18 ODESZA – Meridian [Counter]
19 Henry Saiz – Spiricom (See You Soon) (Hal Incandenza Version) [Balance]
20 Lacrema – Biomechanical Women
21 Morgan Willis – Last Ticket [Lazerdiscs]
22 FM-84 – Everything
23 Satellite Young – Sanfransokyo Girl
24 The Midnight – Tokyo Night Train

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Turbobache Mixes Catalogue ID: t046

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