Kami Menyambut

As for the last channel to officially join us in 2018, Nutrients gets revamped once more. The main eponymous show will be discontinued for now. Instead, I’ll split the music up and introduce new genre-specific series. The first format is called Selamat Pagi and serves you with the best funk, instrumental hip-hop, trip-hop and morning vibes.

Kami Menyambut (Selamat Pagi Vol. 1)
01 Vulfpeck feat. Antwaun Stanley – Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together [Vulf]
02 Alessandro Calabrese & Jiox – Cascade [Club Coral]
03 Zoe Nash – Rather Die
04 Keys N Krates feat. Ambré Perkins – Glitter [Dim Mak]
05 Iamalex – Summer Goes By [Hip Dozer]
06 FKJ – Die with a Smile [Roche Musique]
07 Tom Misch – Movie [Beyond The Groove]
08 Guggenz – This Love I’ve Met
09 L’Impératrice – Vanille Fraise [microqlima]
10 Flamingosis – Finesse (Hey Baby) [VinDig]
11 Cecelia & Handbook – Devoted & Loved
12 Engelwood – Hello
13 Best Friend – Fell 4 U
14 Mookhi – Lacunae
15 Bungalow – I Had a Dream About You
16 Engelwood – Puerto Rico
17 Lonely Benson – Location
18 Stallone Jones – Rise & Shine [30th Floor]
19 Anomalie & Rob Araujo – Hang Glide
20 Garden City Movement – Slightly All the Time [Night Time Stories]
21 Esbe – Forever [Cold Busted]
22 Flamingosis – Flute Salad

Images by: http://unsplash.com/@alexb

Nutrients Mixes Catalogue ID: n027

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