piano day 2018

In anticipation of the fourth Piano Day celebration on March 29, we look back at 20 of the most mesmerizing pieces from the previous twelve months. This set features exclusive material kindly provided by Sergio Díaz de Rojas and Évolène Lüthi (Moderna Records).

piano day 2018
01 Bruno Sanfilippo – Cyclical [dronarivm]
02 Balmorhea – Waiting Itself [Western Vinyl]
03 Nils Frahm – My Friend the Forest [Erased Tapes]
04 Theo Alexander – Hammer Frenzy [Luau]
05 Ryuichi Sakamoto – andata [Milan]
06 Alaskan Tapes feat. Ryan Svendsen – Leita
07 Jamison Isaak – Upstairs [Flora]
08 Sergio Díaz de Rojas – Untitled (Piano Day 2018) *
09 4lienetic – Obstacles
10 Carlos Cipa – The Place Where They Go [1631]
11 Jacob David – Loft [Moderna] *
12 Monty Adkins – Under a Luna Sky [eilean]
13 Stefano Guzzetti – The Sky Is Clear Now [Home Normal]
14 Otto A Totland – Neon Dawn [Sonic Pieces]
15 Ludvig Cimbrelius – Victory (over Nothing in Particular) [Eternell]
16 Martin Kohlstedt – AMS [Edition Kohlstedt]
17 Fume – Solo 01 [Injazero]
18 Otto A Totland – Anona [Sonic Pieces]
19 Noemi Bolojan – The Secret Lighthouse
20 James Maloney – Intertwine [Moderna]

* exclusive premiere

Image by : http://unsplash.com/@jaysung

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p183

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