Fils du Soleil

Fils du Soleil (Open Firmament Vol. 4) [Planetarium series debut]
01 Nils Frahm – The Whole Universe Wants to Be Touched [Erased Tapes]
02 Nils Frahm – Sunson [Erased Tapes]
03 Nils Frahm – Kaleidoscope [Erased Tapes]
04 Manos Milonakis – Sólfar (Ed Carlsen Rework)
05 New Jackson – Feather by Feather [Permanent Vacation]
06 Ben Lukas Boysen – Kentograph [Unseen]
07 Stumbleine – Monochrome
08 Teen Daze – Water in Heaven [Flora]
09 Djrum – Broken Glass Arch [R&S]
10 Miwon – Fuzzy Words [n5MD]
11 Anenon – Verso [Friends of Friends]
12 Indian Wells – Parola [Friends of Friends]
13 Superpoze – Thousand Exploding Suns [Combien Mille]
14 Nils Frahm – A Place [Erased Tapes]
15 Woolookologie – Infinity
16 Klangriket & Sjors Mans – Prinsengracht [piano & coffee]
17 The Greatest Hoax – You Never Learned a Thing [Serein]
18 Julian DeMarre – In a Strange Place [Hommebot]
19 Ryuichi Sakamoto – solari [Milan]

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Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p184

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