Bache Goes to Hollywood

Disco fever caught us. After weeks of restructuring and revamping this ode to the city of stars, Akrodos and Turbobache finally settled on this 26-strong list of Bache tunes.

Bache Goes to Hollywood (Bi7)
01 Brandon – California Summer [Synthageddon]
02 Pat Lok feat. Kye Sones – Hollywood [Kitsuné]
03 Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome [ZTT]
04 Pylot – Cruising
05 Powernerd feat. Alexander Heartfelt – Up to the Night [Seayou]
06 Vitalic – El Viaje [Clivage]
07 Shirobon – Regain Control [Shirobon]
08 Birdee, Gamble & Burke – I Want You (Disco Despair Remix) [Youth Control]
09 Thought Beings – Alchemy [Couture]
10 Volt Age – Half Way
11 Andy Fox feat. Margherita – Just a Girl [Sunlover]
12 Starcadian – Freak Night
13 SilverHawk – 1985’s
14 King Tutt – You’ve Got Me Hung Up [Fun City]
15 Bileo – You Can Win [Watts City]
16 Flight Facilities feat. Jess – Foreign Language [Future Classic]
17 Rick James – Give It to Me Baby [Motown]
18 Kano – Another Life [Full Time]
19 Modern Talking – Geronimo’s Cadillac [Hansa]
20 Laura Branigan – Self Control [Atlantic]
21 Oliver feat. Chromeo – Go with It [Pulse]
22 TOFFE – Painting Pictures [Quiet One]
23 Andy Fox feat. Daria Danatelli – Beautiful Stranger [Sunlover]
24 Beckett feat. Rachael Jones & Luca Ricardo – We Can Get Down
25 Sunglasses Kid feat. Myrone – Boyz Will B Boyz [Aztec]
26 Sebastian Gampl feat. Tommy Reeve – Winner (Get It On) [Rad Rush]

Image by : Fondos de Pantalla

Turbobache Mixes Catalogue ID: t049

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