Now that the Yearmixes have all been published I want to try shorter sets, i.e. between 75 and 90 minutes in length, on Helioscope. Astronics is first and I thought not stretching the beats-heavy mixes to full two hours might do plenty when it comes to flow and listenability. I start off real slow this time, from 85 BPM on “Brutal God”, and build it up to 126 BPM on “Nekyia”. As usual for Astronics, the theme is classic progressive trance with lots of atmosphere, futuristic vibes and driving basslines. Track selection wise there’s not much new here, since the usual suspects like Paul Kardos, Gai Barone, Matter and Guy J are in the spotlight again. A pick I’m most excited about comes right from the WBU track pool and sits right at the end changing the tone to something more euphoric and brighter.

Trajectory (Astronics Vol. 12)
01 Jesus Drone – Brutal God {00:00}
02 Henry Saiz – Life Is… [Balance] {05:13}
03 Tontario – Passing [Anjunadeep] {09:54}
04 Matter & Universal Harmonics – Lost in Time [JOOF Aura] {15:28}
05 Paul Hided – Out of the Dark (Paul Kardos Remix) [Morphosis] {20:53}
06 Ghoeyash – Green Sense (Greenage Remix) [Stellar Fountain] {25:54}
07 Subandrio – Sigirya (Monojoke Remix) [Juicebox] {30:04}
08 Mathov – Nabrisa [JOOF Aura] {34:18}
09 Rival Consoles – Phantom Grip [Erased Tapes] {40:14}
10 Rick Pier O’Neil – Planetary [RPO] {44:47}
11 Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Time to Treasure (Guy J Remix) [Lost & Found] {49:43}
12 Subconscious Tales – Dopa Mine (SEQU3L Remix) [Balkan Connection] {53:22}
13 Basil O’Glue – Nekyia (Facade Remix) [Forescape] {58:49}
14 Gai Barone feat. Katty Heath – You Make It Hurt (Introspective Mix) [Afterglow] {1:06:13}
15 Hausman – Aurora [Silk] {1:11:08}

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Helioscope Mixes Catalogue ID: h498

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