With “Patch of Sky”, Planetarium explores the open landscapes with the elevating power of drones: The view from above at dawn is the concept here. The first major releases of the new year are out and this set barely scratches the surface. “Fade to Grey” (36), “Expanses Remixes” (The Green Kingdom), “Silent Odes” (Luna Monk), “Parallel Remixed” (Warmth) and “Pala” (Russ Young) are the pioneers going into 2019 territory and if these are anything to go by of what’s to come, we are all in for a treat! Of course, there’s still a lot to catch up from earlier. Take a look at this very atmospheric episode:

Himmelsstrich (P107)
01 Hilyard – Mercy Within [Stereoscenic] {00:00}
02 Anti Shift – Central Business Derelicts [Tehnofonika] {07:42}
03 JEllis – Set Free [Mango Alley] {13:18}
04 Ian Hawgood – 序 [eilean] {15:28}
05 Araceae – Prelude for Spring [Faint] {17:33}
06 36 – D.R.E.A.M Link [A Strangely Isolated Place] {23:18}
07 Roman Flügel – Theme XIII [ESP Institute] {27:15}
08 r beny – Eistla {30:52}
09 Warmth – Saros (SVLBRD Remix) [Archives] {35:45}
10 Luna Monk – Fall from Grace [Shimmering Moods] {42:57}
11 Gallery Six & Oblivia – At the Break of Dawn [Rusted Tone] {45:03}
12 Eraldo Bernocchi – A Crack in Time [RareNoise] {51:38}
13 As Seas Exhale – Azirr {56:38}
14 Nunc Stans – We Must Leave [DataObscura] {1:01:42}
15 Gri + Mosconi – Lumen [Slowcraft] {1:09:47}
16 Russ Young – Polaris [Audiobulb] {1:15:18}
17 The Green Kingdom – Untitled (Halftribe Remix) [dronarivm] {1:21:32}

03 premiered in N39 (FRISKY Exclusive)
08 premiered in N41 (FRISKY Exclusive) and appeared in BOP18a

Image by : http://unsplash.com/@srkraakmo

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p225

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