James Bonner is a very loyal listener of all things Helioscope and Planetarium and he asked me to make a water-themed set including some suggestions of his. He gave me plenty to choose from, so I will produce multiple sets with them. Here’s the first one featuring Umber’s “Low Tide” and Hammock’s “I Could Hear the Water at the Edge of All Things”, both perfect intro and outro tracks respectively.

Plus, Mixcloud HQ were the bearer of fantastic news last week. They invited me (the Planetarium channel) to join their Select program which offers me to submit additional sets that will be available to you if you become a subscriber for just € 2.99. Your payment will support the artist of the scene. I will make sure that my fraction will be spent fully on Bandcamp and related stores.

“Wassersicht” (roughly translates to “waterscape”) is the first edition of the new Sternwarte series (Mixcloud Select only sets). In this series, I catch up with (mostly) older stuff in my music library that still hasn’t been featured on any set of mine. Only if you become a subscriber, you will get access to this monthly recurring series.

Wassersicht (S1)
01 Umber – Low Tide [Sound in Silence] {00:00}
02 North Atlantic Drift – North Atlantic Drift [Polar Seas] {04:56}
03 Eternell – Elysia [Eternell] {12:36}
04 Gigi Masin – Stella Maris [Music from Memory] {22:45}
05 Marcus Fischer – Wave Atlas [12k] {28:23}
06 zarr. – Cloudform [Stereoscenic] {32:30}
07 p.thepi with Tidecruz – Dreamin’ {39:09}
08 Alaskan Tapes – Blue, in Script {42:25}
09 Moss Covered Technology – Coastal Light [hibernate] {48:21}
10 Maiya Hershey & Steve Jansen – As We Drift {54:15}
11 Chihei Hatakeyama – Light Drizzle [hibernate] {1:03:21}
12 Simon Scott – _Sealevel.5 [12k] {1:07:54}
13 Triola – Leuchtturm [Kompakt] {1:12:19}
14 Snufmumriko – Eterspår [Lagerstätte] {1:16:07}
15 James Murray – Floods [Slowcraft] {1:22:00}
16 Hammock – I Could Hear the Water at the Edge of All Things [Hammock] {1:27:23}

Image by : http://dashakern.deviantart.com/

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p239

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