Laternen (P116)
01 Ian Hawgood – Severance [Home Normal] {00:00}
02 Vinuela / Rosenberg – Solstice [Seil] {04:30}
03 Slow Dancing Society – Devils and Deeds [textura] {21:58}
04 Old Amica – Strelka över Himlavalvet [whitelab] {38:43}
05 Federico Mosconi – Light not Light [Shimmering Moods] {43:33}
06 The Sight Below – A Fractured Smile (Warmth Remix) [Ghostly] {50:18}
07 Maps and Diagrams – Odora [False Industries] {56:49}
08 Ecovillage – Never Said Goodbye [eilean] {1:03:18}
09 Hotel Neon – Inward, Side B, Pt. 2 {1:06:14}
10 WMD – Unfold [Hush Hush] {1:10:47}
11 Jane Antonia Cornish – Seascapes II {1:13:11}
12 CEEYS – Hiddensee [Neue Meister] {1:16:59}

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Note: Planetarium prepares for a major change: Approaching the 250th set and five years of service almost simultaneously, I finally found a better categorization for the whole track pool. This will be the second to last episode of the P(xxx) series. Starting late September, Planetarium will consist of five series: Neptunian (Water), Geophon (Earth), Jovian (Air), Lumen (Day) and Nox (Night). These will accommodate for the discontinuation of Open Firmament, Botanik and the regular Planetarium series. “Laternen” is the first endeavour in the direction of Jovian. You will notice the stronger inclusion of raw modern classical, not only drones and ethereal pads.

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p247

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