Following Nox, Planetarium introduces another series capturing one essence of its former mixes. The Lumen series is the exact opposite of Nox, chiming in with the aural equivalent of pure brightness, the sun, the daylight, constructing euphoric soundscapes. A lot of Planetarium’s origins in Serenades and Night Hawk Radio shone a light on the aspects of the cinematic ambient and modern classical that dares to explore dynamics, higher levels of treble and such. Starting with the pilot, Facetten, I will return to this sort of music more regularly now.

Facetten (Lumen 1)
01 Isaac Helsen – In Which We Hold Our Breath to Gather Light [Past Inside the Present] {00:00}
02 Wings for Louise – Reveries [Mango Alley] {13:32}
03 Voga – Even [Sonder House] {21:24}
04 Alaskan Tapes – And Yet They Float {23:42}
05 The Humble Bee & offthesky – For Her Breath Is On All That Hath Life [IIKKI] {29:26}
06 Kenji Kihara – Hayama Ambient 003 {34:43}
07 Tambour – Cassiopée (Mirror Maps) [Moderna] {39:58}
08 Message To Bears – Nowhere {45:42}
09 about : forest – Feeling Light [Dewtone] {48:08}
10 Memum – Radiance (Hior Chronik Rework) [Unperceived] {52:51}
11 Petrels – Tiny Specks of Light [denovali] {56:23}
12 We Are All Astronauts – Elysium (Part I) {1:01:18}
13 Ed Carlsen – Hands, Heart [Moderna] {1:05:24}
14 Anthéne – Silhouette [Archives] {1:08:56}
15 Ecovillage feat. Kryshe – Sacrificial Love [eilean] {1:13:46}
16 Daigo Hanada – Two Birds [Moderna] {1:17:42}

Image by: http://dashakern.deviantart.com/

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p256

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