2019 in Review

A lot of courses were set in 2019: Helioscope and Planetarium both introduced their Select program in June, Turbobache took a year off and Distant tried to find a good release cycle. This was a year the Planetarium scene of ambient and modern classical music has showed more than ever that it is the one I like to and will promote the most.

Thank you for the continued support! We’re off to a new decade. We’ll leave Distant behind (a final retrospective mix will probably be done this Summer), but there are still lots of unplayed Planetarium and Helioscope tracks in my library and great releases to arrive in this new year.

=== Top 25 Planetarium tracks ===
#25 Hotel Neon – Drawn Back [Archives]
#24 M. Grig – H [12k]
#23 Lowercase Noises – Inselberg [Facture]
#22 Daigo Hanada – Ouka [Moderna]
#21 Purl – Under Isen

#20 Hammock – Circular as Our Way [Hammock]
#19 Poemme – Falling Snow on a Silent Night [Stereoscenic]
#18 Vinuela / Rosenberg – Solstice [Seil]
#17 Hotel Neon – Vanishing Forms [Archives]
#16 Porya Hatami | Aaron Martin | Roberto Attanasio – Xakelêwe [dronarivm]

#15 Ian Nyquist – Obelisk [eilean]
#14 Billow Observatory – Color in the Six [Azure Vista]
#13 Goldmund – Respite [Unseen]
#12 Michael Price – Focus in 12-18Hz [Erased Tapes]
#11 Malibù – Lost at Sea [UNO NYC]

#10 Billow Observatory – Soft Logic [Azure Vista]
#09 Gallery Six – In This Perfect Dream [Past Inside the Present]
#08 Bibio – Curls [Warp] *
#07 Hotel Neon – Rime [Facture]
#06 Ecovillage feat. Luis Miehlich – Sometimes I Hear Your Voice [eilean]

* This track was not featured in any of the retrospective mixes. You can find it featured here.

#05 Hotel Neon – Burning Mist [Archives]
#04 Old Amica – Strelka över Himlavalvet [whitelab]
#03 Lowercase Noises – A Little Time with the Tree’s Roots
#02 Ian Nyquist – Bring Her Home [eilean]
#01 Purl – Skäralid [Archives]

The second “Best of Planetarium 2019” part will be released on February 18. A special extended “Best of Planetarium 2019” will be released around February 25 under the Sternwarte series exclusive to Mixcloud Select subscribers.

=== Top 25 Helioscope tracks ===
#25 16BL – Vette [Anjunadeep]
#24 Henry Saiz – Me and My Synths [Natura Sonoris]
#23 Lane 8 & Yotto – I / Y [This Never Happened]
#22 Nox Vahn – Walking with Giants [Anjunadeep]
#21 The Midnight – Crystalline (Dan Sieg Remix) [Silk]

#20 Gregory Esayan – One Look [Silk]
#19 Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge – Amber Sun [Garuda]
#18 A.M.R – Voyager [Silk]
#17 Joseph Ray – Chem-EX [Anjunadeep]
#16 Pryda – Star Bugs [Pryda]

#15 Sébastien Léger – Skadi [Lost Miracle]
#14 Sound Quelle feat. Brandon Mignacca – Iridescent (Forerunners Remix) [Silk]
#13 Rüfüs du Sol – Treat You Better (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Rose Avenue/Reprise]
#12 David Hohme & Dustin Nantais – Onward Only [Anjunadeep]
#11 Satin Jackets feat. Panama – Electric Blue [Eskimo]

#10 Janus Rasmussen – March [Ki]
#09 Christian Löffler feat. Josephine Philip – Running [Ki]
#08 Dusky – L.I. [17 Steps]
#07 Röyksopp feat. Man Without Country & Susanne Sundfør – In the End [Dog Triumph]
#06 A.M.R – Pale Blue [Silk]

#05 Luttrell – After All [Anjunadeep]
#04 Deeparture feat. Rubenson – Rewrite [Days Like Nights]
#03 Nox Vahn & Marsh – Serena’s Garden [Anjunadeep]
#02 Henry Saiz – DMT [Natura Sonoris]
#01 Essáy – Archangel [All Day I Dream]

The second and final “Helioscope Yearmix” part will be released around February 21.

=== Top 30 Artists ===

Steven Kemner (Hotel Neon)
Andrew Tasselmyer (Hotel Neon / Gray Acres)
Michael Tasselmyer (Hotel Neon / Gray Acres)
Ludvig Cimbrelius (Purl / Eternell)
Andrew Thompson & Marc Bird (Hammock)
Amr Hachicho (A.M.R)
Matt Kidd (Slow Meadow)
Dominique Vijverberg (Deeparture)
Bradley Sean Alexander Deschamps (Anthéne / North Atlantic Drift)
Daniel Mansoor (Nox Vahn)
Boris Potschubay (Jogging House)
Adam Bryanbaum Witzie & Dustin O’Halloran (A Winged Victory for the Sullen)
Daniel Goldstein (Lane 8)
Janus Rasmussen
Luis Miehlich
Casey Keyworth (Breakfast)
Alfie Granger-Howell & Nick Harriman (Dusky)
Grigoriy Esayan (Gregory Esayan)
Andrew Stephen Othling (Lowercase Noises)
Tom Marshall (Marsh)
Jón Þór Birgisson & Georg Hólm (Sigur Rós)
Guillermo Cornejo (Antrim)
Eric Luttrell
Pepo Galán
Agustín Mena (Warmth / SVLBRD)
Jonas Munk & Jason Kolb (Billow Observatory)
Kevin Huizing (Budakid)
Angela Klimek (Poemme)
Enrique Saiz Gonzalez (Henry Saiz)
Brenden LaBonte (Forerunners)

=== Top 10 Newcomers ===

Trần Hữu Tuấn Bách (B.A.X.)
Linus Johansson & Johan Kisro (Old Amica)
Joseph Ray
Isaac Helsen
Gabríel Ólafs
Russ Daniels
Chad Munson

=== Top 10 Labels ===

Archives (Agustín Mena)
Past Inside the Present (Zach Frizell & Isaac Helsen)
whitelabrecs (Harry Towell)
Anjunadeep (James Grant)
Silk Music (Jacob Henry)
Stereoscenic Records (Andrew J Klimek)
Home Normal (Ian Hawgood & Ben Jones)
dronarivm (Bartosz Dziadosz & Dmitry Taldykin)
eilean Rec. (Mathias van Eecloo)
This Never Happened (Daniel Goldstein)

Images by : http://joniniemela.deviantart.com/

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