Calm Pills + Planetarium

For 2020, I planned to invite more guests to my regular shows than usual. A perfect opportunity just happened, as I was approached by my Mixcloud neighbour Calm Pills aka Alaeddin Khalik. His mixes appeared on FRISKY under his DJ Seroton moniker. However, the Calm Pills series on Mixcloud is a new, a bit slower, but still very harmonious direction. I think his 25th set which he submitted as my FRISKY entry for February is stunning and captures the Planetarium vibe very well.

Calm Pills + Planetarium (Neptunian 56 | Calm Pills Guestmix) FRISKY CHILL broadcast from February 23, 2020
01 Poemme – A Path Between the Clouds [Stereoscenic] {00:00}
02 Steve Good – Moon River {05:04}
03 Wil Bolton – Ropes [Audiobulb] {11:47}
04 Good Weather For An Airstrike – A Quiet Day [Sound in Silence] {22:20}
05 Ben McElroy – Ocean Left Unspoken [eilean] {27:37}
06 Jon Hopkins with King Creosote – Immunity [Domino] {30:10}
07 Slow Meadow – Helium Life Jacket [Hammock] {34:08}
08 Alio Die ≈ Antonio Testa – One Nairb [Hic Sunt Leones] {37:17}
09 Brother Saturn – As Empty as I Seem (Way Out Here) [We Are All Ghosts] {44:15}
10 Ashot Danielyan – C-Meditation [Easy Summer] {49:04}
11 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Storm Fronts [Sound in Silence] {52:03}
12 Pepo Galán – Bleeding Eyes (Shuta Yasukochi Remix) [Archives] {55:59}
13 Blake Ewing – North {1:00:08}
14 Stars Of The Lid – Articulate Silences, Pt. 1 [kranky] {1:01:36}
15 Gallery Six – Awayuki [Stereoscenic] {1:06:07}
16 Moby – Homeward Angel [Mute] {1:09:58}
17 Slow Meadow – Lonesome Summer [Hammock] {1:18:25}
18 Violeta Vicci – Long Farewell [Painted Word] {1:22:10}

01-03 and 18 are Mixcloud exclusives (not part of the FRISKY broadcast).
“Immunity” appeared on Vergänglichkeit and eins.

Image by: Alaeddin Khalik

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p274

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