Michael McGarrity + Planetarium

The second Neptunian guestmix comes from my fellow FRISKY host Michael McGarrity from Scotland. His show Wander simply is a top-notch ambient experience each month.

Michael McGarrity + Planetarium (Neptunian 58) FRISKY CHILL broadcast from April 26, 2020
01 Robert Farrugia – Puddles [Lontano] {00:00}
02 Oxherding – Along the River [Distant Bloom] {04:53}
03 Tom Day – Pariah [Peaks] {14:36}
04 Alaskan Tapes – Before Sinking [AT] {17:07}
05 Christopher Tignor – The Blue Road [Unseen] {19:34}
06 Mordançage – Now Before Us [Fluid]
07 Clouds Are Learning – Hurt by the Night
08 Mordançage – Once Forgotten [Fluid]
09 Slow Meadow – We Can Only Love Through Suffering [Hammock]
10 The Living Sleep – Untethered
11 Oathless – Coda, For the End of Days [Hawk Moon]
12 Rudy Adrian – Blue Horizon [Spotted Peccary]
13 How To Disappear Completely – Mira
14 Tone Color – June [Assembly Field]
15 Solace – My Fears Are All That’s Left of Me
16 ILUITEQ – No Longer Know […txt]
17 Kyoto – Scapes and Spheres [Microcosmos]
18 Aleks Michalski – Existence
19 Moonshine Blues – Celeste [Grains of Sand]
20 Swoop and Cross – St. No [Time Released Sound]

01-04 are Mixcloud exclusives (not part of the FRISKY broadcast), selected and mixed by Helioscope. 05-20 are selected and mixed by Michael McGarrity.
06 appeared on Best of Planetarium 2018, Pt. 2 and Kometenstaub.
08 appeared on Perigäum.

Image by: http://lawrencecornellphoto.deviantart.com/

Planetarium Mixes Catalogue ID: p283

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